October DNF Pile

Let’s talk about my Did Not Finish pile. Oh, boy. I’ve mentioned before about how I was going to turn my TBR pile around and ONLY add books that I know I would love. Well that didn’t work. There are some books that you think you will love only to find you can’t get very far into the book without groaning every time you open it. Then there are those books for blog tours you were shocked to get invited on so of course you have to read those! And last but not least, there are those ones from newer unknown authors whose review request was just so nice! That you felt obligated to read it.

Most of these books I started to read months ago and today I decided to DNF them. That’s not to say that you guys wouldn’t LOVE them, it’s just that I couldn’t do it. You may find that you enjoy them so if it’s something you’re interested in then go ahead and check them out!


 Start Date: April 7, 2017

How far did I make it: 13%

Oh this book. You guys I wanted to love it so bad! I originally thought it took place in a similar time period as the original Alice in Wonderland and I was really looking forward to some Pride and Prejudice and Zombies vibes and I did not get that. Maybe this book was really good? I don’t know, but months later I’ve got to put it down.




Start Date: July 12, 2017

How far did I make it: 15%

My last status update on Goodreads was, “There’s been quite a bit of info dumping so far and it’s just making me want to skip full pages :/” I really wanted to like this one too. It doesn’t have too many review on Goodreads and I wanted to write a good one for the author, but I just can’t. The opening chapter was really good, but then it kind of went downhill from there. It has a great plot set up and I felt like it could go far, but some of the characters got on my nerves and I just couldn’t get over some writing hiccups.



Start Date: June 26, 2017

How far did I make it: 20%


Okay, okay so this one was going to be a DNF…but….you guys I want to love this one so much that I want to give it like a tenth shot. I really do love the writing in this and I love the story, but it’s a bit too complicated for my liking. I am hoping that maybe if I give it another chance and can just get passed this opening it won’t be so bad!



Book Birthday: The Knowing by Sharon Cameron

Happy happy book birthday to THE KNOWING by Sharon Cameron. I loved The Forgetting  so much and I know I will love this book too! Sharon Cameron is one of my favorite authors and I know I can count on her to write a book I will love! Cannot wait to read it!




Scholastic Press

October 10, 2017

Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab



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Greenwillow Books

June 13, 2017

Our Dark Duet was a stunning conclusion to the Monsters of Verity duology. We get to go back into the world of Kate Harker and August Flynn.

At the end of This Savage Song we see August go dark and it was fascinating to see how a boy who once longed to be human changed from this experience. I loved that we saw him fall and not be the boy we all fell in love with in that first book. Getting to see him struggle in a different way than before was perfect. As I watched him walk around pretending to be this new version of August and even convincing himself at times, I could still tell that he longed to be who he once was.

We got to see a bit of Kate Harker outside of V-City for a bit and that was very nice. My only complaint is that we didn’t get to see her new friends again and we don’t know what happened to them. I feel like we spent some time getting invested in them only to have them never show up again. Yes, her time in her new city introduced us to this new big bad monster, but I still would have loved for those friends to pop up again or for her to connect with them somehow.

I loved so many aspects of this book from August’s character changes and growth to the way the battle came about. I love that there was this big bad monster that could turn people into raging nightmares. The new monster was a great addition to a story where monsters are already prevalent. He shows the chaos that already exists within all humans and even though he brought it out in the extreme it still showed that human beings exist with a level of chaos in them already.

One thing that was totally new to me and I like that Victoria Schwab introduced me a non-binary person. I have never ever read a book with someone who goes by the “They” pronoun before. At first, I will admit I was so confused! It took a while for me to get used to the fact that she wasn’t talking about multiple people. I love how Schwab explained Soro not only to her readers but to August and I love how August was like okay cool! And never questioned Soro about it. I can learn a few lessons from August!

My only complaint, and it’s not really a complaint (but kind of it is), but there are two major deaths in this book…and if you’ve read it you know what I am talking about. I felt like both of them were kind of given the Severus Snape treatment in that they could have been far grander because their characters deserved more. That being said, I feel okay with them because in war people do not always die in big grandiose ways. Both of these people died protecting those they loved or died doing something that would turn the tide in the war.

War is a terrible thing and I felt like this story really brought displayed that. I also feel like the conflict in this story could be applied to so many things today and that is so important! In America, we may not be living in an active war zone, but sometimes it feels like it and I like that this story, this fight, can represent so many things.



The Temptation of Adam by Dave Connis


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Publication Date: November 7, 2017

Sky Pony Press


Adam Hawthorne is addicted to porn, not that he’ll admit that. We first meet Adam sitting outside the principal’s office after he did something so bad he is suspended for weeks. All we really get to know is that a group of girls in his high school have named themselves the Anti-Adam Order and they wanted him out of that school. His teacher and family friend, Mr. Cratcher takes him under his wing to try and get him back on track, something Adam absolutely doesn’t like especially since he’s not addicted to anything.

In the opening pages Adam informs us he will only be referring to Mr. Cratcher as Mr. Crotcher and that he hates him. What I enjoyed the most about this entire exchange is that when he dropped the “Crotcher” he didn’t even notice it. We were able watch him mature and change as a person without Adam even realizing and I loved it!

Another Adam quirk that I loved were the Golumn and Lord of the Rings references. In my reading of it the moments came out when Adam felt he was struggling or conflicted about something and aware of it. There was a span in the book where not a single reference was to be found and it was interesting to note during those pages Adam was just living as a teenager and not as an addict. The moment his addicts came back into his mind and he began to struggle again the references were back.

The cast of characters in the book were entertaining to watch. From Adam, to his father, and Dez, and the Knights of Vice, and Addy, I felt all these characters rooted to reality in an organic way. These are not characters that exist only on the books of a young adult novel about addiction, these are characters I can meet in my everyday life.

The second half of the book sends the characters on a road trip to Nashville and I was totally okay with it. I feel like this fit because these are teenagers who need to believe in something grander than what they are going through and for them that is rescuing Mr. Crothers long lost record. During this trip we see one character begin to spin out of control while the others have seemed to be able to almost overcome them. I liked this because this is a group of teenage addicts, they aren’t going to get better overnight and it was nice to see some overcoming, some still struggling, and some failing in their struggles.

Overall this book proves that people should not be put into a box because of their addictions. Addicts are still human with human struggles and I think that’s one of the biggest lessons here. After admitting his addiction to himself he identifies as an addict, but at the end of the book he identifies as a flawed human being instead of only an addict. As Dave Connis said, “Humanity is a uniquely shared experience.”