Contact Info

Three really great ways to get a hold of me:

The Book Vortex has an official facebook page that I suggest you all like and follow. I try and put as much stuff on there as I can to keep everyone up to date.

You can find that here please let your friends know about it also that way they can keep up with The Book Vortex.

I am on twitter constantly, more so than I am on facebook. My twitter is @Hannah_TBV. I will respond to you as quickly as I can once I get your message.

My email address is

Don’t forget if you leave a comment on any post I will respond also. Please make sure that I can tell you are not a spammer though, I got tons of spam comments that I have to go through and delete and I would hate to accidentally delete one of you.

Don’t be afraid to say anything to me I promise I won’t bite.