The Book Vortex is a site with many components all centered around whats happening in the writing world. I will try and talk about new releases, give book reviews, and discuss a lot of general things happening in the publishing world. If there is any particular topic you would like for me to discuss feel free to comment and I will see what I can do.

Book Spotlight: Here I will showcase a book that I love and think that you should all read. If you have any suggestions on what books you all what showcased let me know and I will see what I can do about that too.

Author Spotlight: Some authors write with such beauty and kill that I cannot help but give them their own feature. In my spotlight I will showcase authors that I absolutely love so hopefully you will begin to love them too!

Meet the Stars: The newest section of the website! I used to feature interviews randomly but now I am putting them all neatly into the Meet the Stars section.

Writing Features: This is just an area that I will talk about my own experience in the writing world. This will be both as an aspiring author myself and general things that I notice as I read others works and my opinions on common themes.

About Your Host

I live in Tennessee and love it. I have had the extreme fortune of meeting so many other people in this state who love reading and writing just as much as I do. I have met so many people over the last four years that have embraced my love for reading and encouraged my love for writing.
The Book Vortex blog is a space where I can express myself in this awesome book world and connect to other people who love this world as much as I do.

Over the last four years I have found a passion for book publicity and have had the privilege of working with some fantastic authors. Through personal ambition I have been able to participate in multiple internships that helped grow my passion including two different small presses and a corporate communications office. I am also a graduate of the University of Tennessee where I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying English and Communications.