Cake Pop Exchange

Yallfest Part Three: Cake Pope Exchange

The next panel that I got to attend at Yallfest was the “Demons, Witches, and Casters oh my!” and it got off to a really awkward start. So my sister and I walked into the panel just as it was starting because we came from the tent where we got our books signed. There were no seats next to each other that we could sit in; the only ones were in the very front. So I snuck to the front of the room and sat in the front row, I turned around to see where my sister was and she disappeared. I know they most likely were not staring at me but I seriously felt the eyes of everyone in the room on me when I sat down. My sister texted me and she was in the back of the room, too afraid to walk in front of everyone to go to the front. Then we got into a text fight that went something like this:

ME: Get up here now!
TESSA: No! I am staying back here.
ME: Come on!
TESSA: I am not walking in front of everyone!

And then the text fight was over. So I was super excited for this panel because as you all know by now Mystery Author #1 was Victoria Schwab who was part of this panel. I was super excited to see her, even though I had already seen her in August. I later found out that this was one of her last appearances for The Near Witch promotion, which kind of made me feel like I had witnessed something special. I got to see her just a few days after her book was released and then I got to see her again at the end of her tour.
I really loved something that Victoria Schwab said during the panel. In The Near Witch there are two outsiders, one who just arrived, and one who has lived in Near her whole life. I really loved that! That simple sentence is something that I know most people can relate to.

I also thought that something that Kami Garcia said was really funny. She talked about how people in other countries think the things in her book Beautiful Creatures apply to everyone in the US, that we all eat grits and a bunch of other things that she and Margaret Stohl wrote in her book. She talked about how she had to send instant grits to someone in Australia to try and describe what they were. I for one had never heard of grits either until I moved to Tennessee.

There was also a book that I had not read or heard of before that sounds really good. Its called The Iron Thorn by Caitlin Kittredge. It is definitely on my list of things to read now. It’s a steampunk book, which is something that I had never heard of before but it really sounds so good!

So after the panel ending my sister and I ran to Blue Bicycle books to get in line for Victoria Schwab, and it was all for you guys! (Mostly, I admit I did want to see her again too). As many of you may know if you read Yallfest Part One: The Great Cake Pop Hunt, you will know that I went and hunted down cake pops for Victoria Schwab. In August when I began following her on twitter she talked about them all the time and then she posted a video of what they were because I had no idea.

So I am standing in line waiting patiently for my book to get signed and I struck up a conversation with a librarian about The Book Vortex which was kind of cool because she was one of the first person who I got to talk to about it.

So I finally get to go up and see Victoria Schwab and I felt really awkward because she asked me my name and I had to tell her not to personalize it (because I got it for YOU) and then I handed her the cake pops. This is how that conversation went:

Victoria: you have baked goods.
Me: Yeah…they are for you.
Victoria: Really?
Me: Yes they are cake pops.
Victoria: OMG can I give you a hug.
Me: * star struck * yes
Victoria: * gives hug *

Somewhere in there I told her that she was doing an interview for my site and the cake pops were to thank her and then she gave me two more book marks. So those bookmarks were all Victoria! If you win you should thank her!

In short this is what I learned from this panel. I still love The Near Witch, and I want to read Beautiful Creatures and The Iron Thorn.

Also we have the authors of Beautiful Creatures to thank for Yallfest because they helped bring it all together!

And don’t forget to enter to win the signed copy of The Near Witch. Contest goes through Friday!

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As you can see these are the kinds of pics Tessa and I get when we are in a “text fight” because we have so many more of the other panels. lolw