Isaac (WANT) VS. Adrian (GOLDEN LILY)

Recently I read two books that made my heart race and pump in two completely different ways. One made me think about how much I NEVER want to get a boyfriend or get involved in the mysterious world of dating. The other made me want to run around to find a guy EXACTLY like the one I had just read about. Both books/characters left me thinking non-stop for days about them; one in an amazing way, the other in a I want to castrate.


In this corner we have Isaac Lorache!

Matt Bomer

Graduated from New England Conservatory
Very good looking (I mean come on, just look at that picture! *drools*)

Very good looking (totally my downfall)

In the other corner we have Adrian Ivashkov

Ian Somerhalder

Very good looking
Early 20′s (depends on which book you are reading)

Dirty habits (smoking, drinking)
Lack of focus


While reading Want by Stephanie Lawton I immediately fell head over heels in love with the main boy toy Isaac. Seriously I don’t think any girl can look at that picture (provided by Stephanie Lawton) and not need a drool bucket. Like Juli, I loved the fact that Isaac was musically talented. I loved how attentive he seemed at first. I loved how he wanted Juli to succeed and go to New England Conservatory. Loved. Loved. Loved.
I was in love with Isaac even after I found out what happened in his past. I was willing to overlook that because it was the right thing to do. It wasn’t fair to judge him on his relationship with someone who was only two years younger than him. I was willing to overlook the fact that Isaac had already graduated college and Juli was still in high school. I overlooked a lot of things. Then the ending happened. Then the entire story was changed and every single interaction that happened between Isaac and Juli was tested in my head and every thing was looked at differently.
Take one of the scene’s near the end for example. Isaac is afraid for his reputation again, he is afraid the he will receive the same treatment by the town that he received years earlier. Juli is humiliated publicly in front of the town and does he dash onto the stage to protect her honor like the young man I had dreamed of? Nope. He runs away with his tail between his legs like the little baby that he is. That’s not a man. That’s a child. So sorry if that’s harsh but he should not have abandoned her like he did. She gave him so much and he took it and ran like a little boy.
Throughout Want I wasn’t Dave’s biggest fan, but the way that he stepped up in the end and became the guy that Juli deserved totally had me. While reading Want I thought that Dave was just trying to break Isaac and Juli up but in reality he was trying to protect her. Note to all girls out there, if a guy acts like Dave he is trying to protect you not destroy your relationship. Needless to say Isaac needs to leave forever and let Dave and Juli figure out where their future will lead.

Then there was Adrian Ivashkov. Adrian. Adrian. Adrian. What can I say about Adrian. When he was in Vampire Academy my heart shattered for Adrian! The first time I ever heard the song Grenade by Bruno Mars was during a car ride to Atlanta to see Richelle Mead. This was right after reading Last Sacrifice where Rose destroyed him. Maybe that’s why I love Adrian so much. The difference between Isaac and Adrian is that (from my perception of both of these books) Isaac was just run out of town. He was humiliated, he was inconvenienced, but he was not destroyed. Adrian was destroyed. Broken. Shattered.
My heart broke right along side Adrian. I hated Rose because she broke him. Maybe that’s why I sympathize with Adrian more than I do with Isaac because in the end it was Adrian that was left. As opposed to Isaac doing the leaving/running away in Want.
One of the things that I also love about Adrian is how completely sweet he is! If you’ve read The Golden Lily (which you should have because this has spoilers) you will know that Adrian lies about not knowing how to drive the manual Mustang just so that Sydney can teach him, just so that he can spend time with her. He stands up for Sydney when she doesn’t want to do things (like give her blood for research) and is incredibly patient with her aversion to vampire magic.

Given the choice between the I would marry Adrian in an instant and then punch Isaac in the face. Let me know who you guys pick!


  1. Sabrina says:

    I know I haven’t quite finished “Want,” but I completely agree with your assessment! I was certainly drawn to Isaac, but not in any way that would be considered healthy and spent more time wanting to bash him over the head with something heavy. Adrian, from the first moment he entered the VA world, stole the show for me. I loved Rose/Dimitri but found myself rooting for Adrian. How often does that happen? I still think Rose made the wrong choice and was wicked ticked that she hurt him the way she did. Can’t wait until he gets his happily ever after.