Interview with Victoria Schwab!

I am very excited to bring to you all our very first interview! If you read the “Great Cake Pop Hunt” post the other day then you may recognize her name.

I first heard of Victoria Schwab at the Ash2Nash tour.

Victoria Schwab, Hannah, Erin, Rachel Hawkins, Nicole

I am super fortunate to be able to bring to you all an interview with Victoria Schwab =)


1. When did you realize you wanted to be an author?

-I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I simply wasn’t sure what form it would take. In high school I wrote really angsty poetry, and then I got to college and wrote slightly less angsty poetry, then I tried screenwriting, then short fiction, and finally decided to try my hand at a novel-shaped thing. It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but here I am!

2. What were your early writing experiences?

–Positive. Writing has always been this thing. The act of writing quiets something in me. From an early age, it’s been a large part of my happiness and sanity.

3. What was your early experience like with getting an agent?

–The first time I started querying was as a sophomore, and while I got a lot of positive response, it was clear there was work to be done, so I shelved it for six months or so, then pulled it out and revised. I queried again and got very lucky, and signed with my first agent a week later. That book ended up not selling, though (which was agony, because it got so, so close) and eight months into submission hell, I wrote The Near Witch :) After NW sold but before it came out I changed agents (sometimes it just isn’t the right fit) and am now with the incredible Holly Root.

4. How much say as an author did you get in the final version of The Near Witch? We often hear about authors not being able to include everything they had wanted, was that the case for you?

–I was very lucky, in that I have a wonderful relationship with my editor. Sometimes compromise is necessary, but every time I felt very strongly about an element, we worked to make sure it stayed. My editor also had a “try it” policy, meaning that when she wanted a change, I had to try it, and if it didn’t work/I wasn’t happy, we would reassess.

5. What was your inspiration for the world and society of Near? Was it based on any other lore?

–Near was based on folklore and fairy tale, or rather, it was a reaction to both. Setting is usually so sparse in fairy tale, and I very much wanted to create a setting that felt like a character.

6. Do you think you will ever revisit the world of Near?

–I very much want to. My next book is the start of a new series (The Archived) but I would LOVE to come back to Near. Whether I can or not is really in the hands of the readers.

7. Your new book is called The Archived, is there anything that you can tell us as about it or is it still under wraps?

–It’s kind of like Buffy meets The Shining meets If I Stay with a library. That’s all I can say right now, other than the fact I’m terribly, terribly excited to share it.

8. Anything you can tell us about Vagabond Puppies?

–It’s my first book for adults. I’m frightened to admit how much I love it. There might be superheroes. Or supervillains. Or maybe just villains.

9. The Near Witch came out in August and it’s only been almost three months and you already have tons of fans, have you gotten used to it yet?

–Haha, I’m not used to the word “fan” so every time I hear it, I literally giggle. So I’m going to go with a “no.”

10. Who would you have a fan girl moment over?

–Neil Gaiman. And I totally did. I met him a couple weeks ago, and he hugged me, and I died.

11. Who are your inspirations?

–Neil Gaiman is one of my biggest inspirations. Which is probably why I died.

12. Any advice for aspiring authors?

–Yes. Be brave. This is a scary industry with lots of rejection, and you must always be sure that your want outweighs your fear, even by a small margin.

Thanks so much for having me!!
August 2, 2011

Thank you so much Victoria! I also got to see her over the weekend at Yallfest! (Post about that is still coming later)
Victoria and I

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