The Near Witch Blog Tour

The moment has arrived! Its the official start date of The Near Witch Blog Tour! This tour is in honor of a wonderful book and its paperback release on May 15, 2012. Along the way there will be a mixture of guest posts and interviews. On May 15th many of us also have a super cool surprise for everyone so be sure to check it all out.

Today on the site I am honored to have Wren, Lexi’s little sister. She was gracious enough to answer a few questions.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today Wren!

1. What’s it like having Lexi as a big sister?

I like her. Most days. I like her when she lets me be. And when she tells me secrets.

2. If you could have another siblings would you want another sister or a brother?

I’d want Cole to be my big brother. He can hear the world. He can speak to it. I think he could speak to it for me.

3. What do you think of Cole?

He says I have must magic in me, because my garden always grows so well. And Lexi likes him. He can stay.

4. What’s your best guess for Cole’s real name?

He whispered it to me. I can’t tell you, though. He made me promise. He said that name is gone now. That boy is gone now.

5. Was is scary being taken by the Near Witch?

I don’t remember it, not really. I remember being cold, like when you’re very tired. I remember the smell of earth. It didn’t hurt, though.

6. What’s your favorite thing to learn?

Mum is teaching me to bake. Lexi is teaching me how to count using the things in the garden.

7. What is your favorite game to play?

I like the one where everyone else falls down.

8. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A witch. The sisters say you have to be born that way, but I don’t believe them.

9. Who do you admire? Or want to be like?

I want to be like Magda. But not like Dreska. Dreska is meaner.

10. What is one thing you want people to know about you?

I have a story, too.

Thanks so much Wren!

Here is the schedule for the tour.

Tuesday May 8- Hannah @ The Book Vortex
Wednesday May 9- Marla @ Starting the Next Chapter
Thursday May 10- Shalena @ Writer Quirk
Friday May 11- Kelly @ Bookshelf Banter
Saturday May 12- Sara @ Through the Looking Glass
Sunday May 13- Lindsay @ The Violet Hour
Monday May 14- Hannah @ The Book Vortex
Tuesday May 15- Everyone
Wednesday May 16- Marla @ Starting the Next Chapter
Thursday May 17- Kelly @ Bookshelf Banter

Be sure to check out all the stops!

I don’t have a specific giveaway for the tour however I do have a copy of The Near Witch being given away for the Birthday Bash. Check it out on the Few and Far Between Page.

Thanks so much Victoria for letting us put on this tour! (Who didn’t LOVE that interview?)