The Great Cake Pop Hunt

YallFest Part One: Cake Pops

This weekend Charleston, South Carolina played host to 26 authors and fans from all over the country. My sister and I arrived Friday night from Tennessee and after checking into our hotel we headed downtown to see if anything was going on. It was late in the evening when we arrived and we decided not to pay for parking (I hate paying to park) we just drove around the city.

I was super excited when we passed Blue Bicycle Books, who played host to us, and their storefront window was decorated for Yallfest. However, I was not excited to have to go off the road for all the emergency vehicles. I am not sure what was going on that night but they were everywhere, I am not kidding, there were five in less than half an hour that zoomed past us. I think they were doing drills that night.

The next morning, after having woken up five times that night just to double check that I didn’t miss my alarm, we both got up put on our The Book Vortex shirts and headed to downtown Charleston. Then, we got lost. We missed out exit had to take another exit, then it took forever to get to street we needed to be at, and then we could not find a place to park. We drove around for fifteen minutes, getting confused with all the one-way streets before we finally found a parking spot.

We went to Blue Bicycle Books and I bought copies of the books I didn’t have, or in my case I couldn’t find. Remember how I said I just moved, well just my luck before we left I could not find the box that held the books that I needed. So once that was done we had an hour to kill before out first panel. This is where I began my own personal mission.

In August I was very lucky to be able to travel to Nashville for the last stop in the Ash2Nash tour and I got to meet six very amazing, very cool authors. One of them goes by the name Victoria Schwab (The Near Witch). I follow her on twitter, as you all should also, and she spoke often about these things called cake pops. She spoke about them so often and casually that I felt like an idiot for having no idea what they were and then she posted a video. She put a video on her blog and explained how to make them.

It became my mission while we were there to find her cake pops. I had to thank her for many things after all, being awesome and signing my book at Ash2Nash and giving great advice, for always answering and responding to my stupid tweets online, and one more really important thing that I can’t tell you guys about yet. So anyway I thought (and I guess I will admit that my mom was the one who suggested it) that as a thank you for being awesome I would bring her cake pops. Problem was I had never seen a cake pop before, and I wasn’t sure where to get them.

A bakery would be an obvious choice but there was not one by out hotel was so I had given up hope of getting one. Then when we were downtown on the day of Yallfest with an hour to kill I walked out of Blue Bicycle Books and there it was.

Staring me down in the face from across the street was this:

There it was. A bakery. So my sister and I scurried across the street and into the bakery, which was super cute!

There I timidly went up to the girls behind the counter and asked them if they had such a thing as a cake pop, unsure if they would have them, and then the girl looks at me and says
“Of course, what kind do you want?”
I looked at my sister and we shared the same look “There are different kinds?”
The girl behind the counter then rattled off what kinds they had and I picked out six to give to Victoria Schwab and then one for Tessa and I, in case we didn’t like these mysterious deserts. After we paid we sat down to try our chocolate cake pops.

We stared at each other for a moment before trying to cake pops. Oh. My. Gosh. They are the most amazing things that I have ever had. When I was finished I picked up the camera to take a few pictures an when I turned back to Tessa she was trying to crack open Victoria Schwab’s box to get another. They were that good. I yelled at her them promptly went back to the really nice girls at the counter and got two more.

To anyone who has never heard of or tried a cake pop before you really need to! They are so good!

I have to give a thank you to the Cupcake in downtown Charleston for providing us with our first delicious cake pops.

You can follow them both on twitter Cupcake @freshcupcakes and Victoria Schwab @veschwab

I have also changed my name on twitter. I used to have a separate account for the book vortex but I am combining it with my personal one so now you all can follow me @Hannah_TBV

Another post on the rest of the festival and what happened when I gave away the cake pops coming up next.



  1. Sheryl says:

    Good job, Hannah! I’m enjoying reading your blog and seeing you pursue your dreams.

    BTW: If you crave cake pops again, try Starbucks! Last time I was there I had one and it was oh so yummy! (It was a while ago but I think they are a regular on their menu now)

    Love ya!