Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows

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Katherine Tegen Books

September 12, 2017

One thing that Jodi Meadows is known for (to me) is her ability to create rich fantasy worlds while building characters who are rooted in the same struggled humans face in our world. It is this marriage that makes Before She Ignites so special.

Mira Minkoba is not a girl like any other. She is the Hopebearer and that is supposed to mean something. Until it doesn’t. When she speaks up for a truth she believes in she is stripped of her right and thrown into the pit a place for the worst criminals in all of the Isles.

Meadows has set up the story in a series of now, then, before. In the Now sequences we see everything linearly from when she is cast into the pit. In Before and Then we get to see scenes from her childhood and the sequence of events that led to her fall from the Hopebearer to prisoner. All of these scenes merge together so well to form a cohesive story. We need the Then scenes in the exact moments they appear and the Before scenes give us just enough information to stay a step ahead of other characters in the Now.

One of my favorite things about Mira is that she craves friendships, but she also struggles with anxiety. I loved this about her because I am the exact same way, comfortable around my friends and loving their interactions, but also dealing with some intense anxiety. One does not cancel out the other.

This is a wonderful story about a girl falling from the privileged position she was once in, rising up from the bottom and standing up for what she believes is. This is also the first in a series and I am so excited for what’s coming next! Jodi Meadows never fails me and I am looking forward to many books to come from her!