October DNF Pile

Let’s talk about my Did Not Finish pile. Oh, boy. I’ve mentioned before about how I was going to turn my TBR pile around and ONLY add books that I know I would love. Well that didn’t work. There are some books that you think you will love only to find you can’t get very far into the book without groaning every time you open it. Then there are those books for blog tours you were shocked to get invited on so of course you have to read those! And last but not least, there are those ones from newer unknown authors whose review request was just so nice! That you felt obligated to read it.

Most of these books I started to read months ago and today I decided to DNF them. That’s not to say that you guys wouldn’t LOVE them, it’s just that I couldn’t do it. You may find that you enjoy them so if it’s something you’re interested in then go ahead and check them out!


 Start Date: April 7, 2017

How far did I make it: 13%

Oh this book. You guys I wanted to love it so bad! I originally thought it took place in a similar time period as the original Alice in Wonderland and I was really looking forward to some Pride and Prejudice and Zombies vibes and I did not get that. Maybe this book was really good? I don’t know, but months later I’ve got to put it down.




Start Date: July 12, 2017

How far did I make it: 15%

My last status update on Goodreads was, “There’s been quite a bit of info dumping so far and it’s just making me want to skip full pages :/” I really wanted to like this one too. It doesn’t have too many review on Goodreads and I wanted to write a good one for the author, but I just can’t. The opening chapter was really good, but then it kind of went downhill from there. It has a great plot set up and I felt like it could go far, but some of the characters got on my nerves and I just couldn’t get over some writing hiccups.



Start Date: June 26, 2017

How far did I make it: 20%


Okay, okay so this one was going to be a DNF…but….you guys I want to love this one so much that I want to give it like a tenth shot. I really do love the writing in this and I love the story, but it’s a bit too complicated for my liking. I am hoping that maybe if I give it another chance and can just get passed this opening it won’t be so bad!