“Act of Grace” by Karen Simpson Review

Act of Grace

Title: Act of GraceAuthor: Karen Simpson
Publisher: Plenary Publishing
Release Date: March 1, 2011
Source: Publisher/Karen Simpson


Act of Grace is a very different book than I have read before. It’s all about the African-American culture in the town of Vigilant, Michigan. I will admit I originally picked this book because it was about a girl growing up in Michigan and since I am from Michigan we are going to have so much in common! Wrong.
Grace Johnson is a senior in high school who is funny, smart, and has so many witty thoughts that will leave you howling as you read. This story is not a comedy though and early on we learn that her father died when she young from apparent suicide and her mother does not treat her as a mother should.
Along with the trials that any normal high school student has to go through and dealing with her emotionally abusive mother Grace also has to deal with something completely out of the ordinary. Grace has inherited the family curse or gift depending on how its look at and the spirits of her ancestors speak through her to reveal the bloody and violent past in Vigilant.
I am going to be honest with you all; I really enjoyed reading this book! It should not matter whether you are black and part of the African culture or white and observing it through this book. It talks about the history of not only Grace’s but also the American family. This is a past that many people chose to ignore even today and Karen Simpson has done an amazing job of representing that past in this novel as well as adding in a paranormal element to it.
I would recommend this book to others and I really think that you should read it and discover Vigilant’s secrets as I did! I give this book four stars!