Birthday Bash: Dave Connis- The Temptation of Adam

Today I am so excited to welcome Dave Connis to the blog! His novel, The Temptation of Adam will be released later this year, he comes to us today with a short excerpt! How exciting! And because the novel hasn’t released yet I will be giving away a pre-order in the prize pack so you’ll still get a copy!


Birthday Bash Day Five- Dave Connis



When Hannah approached me about writing a blog post themed around birthdays, I originally thought I’d write something on this history of the Happy Birthday song (a scandal, lemme tell you). I decided that was dumb, because there’s a fun little scene in my upcoming novel, THE TEMPTATION OF ADAM, where the main character, Adam, realizes that he didn’t know it was Dez’s, his love interest, birthday and his friends give him some time alone to apologize for it.. So, I’m excited to share with you this little excerpt of TOA.

“I guess I just got swept up in the trip,” she says, not mentioning anything about her family. “I liked being able to forget about being an addict for a little while. I just want to be seventeen instead of like, thirty.”
“Seventeen?” I bark. “I thought you were sixteen?”
“Today’s my birthday.”
I can’t believe I know more about Dez’s problems than the little human facts of her life. I don’t know if I should feel guilty, because she’s never told me when her birthday was, but at the same time, I didn’t ask.
“It’s your birthday?” Trey asks.
“Well, a birthday party is more fun than sitting around talking about album names! Elliot, Addy let’s go find some birthday things.” Trey says.
Elliot pushes himself off of his chair. “Maybe they have flecks-of-gold-fetti birthday cake mix. I’ll check.”
Addy stands, too. “I can cook up some killer cupcakes if they don’t.”
Trey pats my shoulder as they walk by. I flash him a “thank you” smile.
“Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday?” I ask.
“Because having a birthday in December sucks. Everyone pays attention to Christmas and being done with school. Why bother trying to make a birthday happen? Also, you didn’t ask.”
I walk over to the hammock and part the fabric. As soon as I see her face, I smile.
“I’m sorry,” I say. I roll the hammock down and sit on the edge. “Happy birthday. Is there anything you want?”
She grabs my hand and puts it against her face. The tip of my thumb dips into her TV dinner mashed potatoes.
“To be whole.”
“Anything I can actually get you?”
She opens her eyes and for the first time I see love staring back at me, not confused attraction, or obsessive addiction. I don’t know how I know this, but I do. It’s like when you know someone is watching you, but can’t see them.
She gives me the most beautiful and thankful smile in the history of smiles. On a smile scale that starts at Mona Lisa and ends at Jessica Alba, she’s the sun.
She leans up and kisses my forehead. “You’ve already healed five parts of me, I think.”
“I won’t be able to heal everything. I want to, but I’m as un-healed as you are.”
“Five is greater than none, I guess.”
“I could swear I love you, Dez Coulter.”
“Then you probably do.” She grabs my shirt collar and pulls me close to her face. She makes a greater than sign and puts it against my chest.
“I love you too,” she says. “Saying that is my birthday present to myself.”

Here is the rafflecopter to enter the giveaway! Remember, The Temptation of Adam will be a pre-order so it will arrive shortly after release date and not with all the other books. (aka don’t panic if you win and don’t see it in the box). Again, this is U.S. only!

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