Birthday Bash: Meg Trotter-Andromeda

I am so excited to welcome my friend, Meg Trotter, to the blog today! I enjoyed her book Andromeda so much and I’m happy to have it as part of the prize pack!

Birthday Bash Day Four: Meg Trotter


As an avid book lover, my birthday has traditionally been an excuse for me to buy more books. Any time a friend or relative asks me what I want for my birthday, the answer has been easy: books, gift cards to bookstores, gift cards to stores that carry books ….. or cash. So I can buy books.
Relatives look at my overflowing bookshelves with concern, saying, “Are you sure you want more books?” Or, “Do you think you may have a slight hording problem?”
My book obsession has only gotten worse over the years, especially since I discovered that in Tennessee, where I live, there is a giant book festival about a two hour drive from my house, called the Southern Festival of Books. And when does this annual festival occur, you might ask?
It’s always the week of my birthday.
I couldn’t have planned that better myself.
This particular festival was first brought to my attention years ago by my now best friend and fellow writer, S.I. Mathews. One day, before we were super close, she showed up at my work with a gift bag. She’d been to the Southern Festival of Books and had remembered it was my birthday. Inside the bag was a copy of a book with a beautiful cover. It was “Hourglass” by Myra McEntire. As I flipped it open to admire the inside, I saw it was signed by the author. I was impressed! I had never had a book signed by the author before. My friend informed me that the author also lived in Tennessee and not only that — she actually met her and had conversations with her.
Now I was interested. At the time, I had no idea that you could actually meet authors and talk to them. To me, authors wrote their awesome books, threw them out into the world, and then just started on the next one. How cool would it be to meet the person whose brain actually produced an entire publishable novel?
The next year I went to that book festival, and met McEntire (who is a lovely person, I might add), and got her next book. She signed that one as well.
I was hooked. I needed to collect signatures on every book possible.Year after year I’ve gone back and gotten signed books from my favorite YA authors like McEnitre, Victoria Schwab and Maggie Stiefvater, while trying not to be a total weirdo when I met them in person. (To date, none of them have called me a weirdo. To my knowledge.)
It’s become a tradition for S.I. Matthews and I to make that trip to the book festival each year and return with our arms weighed down with way more books than we have money for. And every year since that first one, she’s always grabbing one from my stack, putting it on hers, and saying, “This one’s your birthday present.”
And I have to grin, because on my birthday, I couldn’t ask for anything better: a pile of books, meeting really cool authors — and a friend who understands that it doesn’t really count as hording if you’re hording books.


For as long as she can remember, seventeen-year-old Princess Andromeda has done what was expected of her. She consented to a political marriage to a hateful older man. She became a quiet, obedient housewife. After her husband’s death, she agreed to be united in yet another political marriage for the sake of her country’s stability.

However, when the Greek goddess of the sea disrupts this second wedding ceremony, jealous of the pomp of the celebration, she places a curse on Andromeda and her home: either sacrifice the princess to a sea beast or let the creature destroy her country. A visit to the Oracle reveals that Andromeda needs four ancient weapons of the Greek gods to fight off the beast and the goddess who controls it.

Now Andromeda must find the strength and the cunning to do what she has never done before — to fight for her own life — while keeping the well-meaning “hero” Perseus out of her way.

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