Andromeda by Meg Trotter (Priscilla Reviews)

Author: Meg Trotter
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: July 12, 2016
Source: Publicist

From Goodreads:

For as long as she can remember, seventeen-year-old Princess Andromeda has done what was expected of her. She consented to a political marriage to a hateful older man. She became a quiet, obedient housewife. After her husband’s death, she agreed to be united in yet another political marriage for the sake of her country’s stability.

However, when the Greek goddess of the sea disrupts this second wedding ceremony, jealous of the pomp of the celebration, she places a curse on Andromeda and her home: either sacrifice the princess to a sea beast or let the creature destroy her country. A visit to the Oracle reveals that Andromeda needs four ancient weapons of the Greek gods to fight off the beast and the goddess who controls it.

Now Andromeda must find the strength and the cunning to do what she has never done before — to fight for her own life — while keeping the well-meaning “hero” Perseus out of her way.

It has been too long since I’ve written one of these!!! I’m unsure of how to start.

Whew! What a journey! I feel like I’ve crammed this massive enterprise in to just a few days. I’m here reviewing the book Andromeda by Meg Trotter. I must preface this analysis by mentioning that I have very very little knowledge of Greek Mythology or gods and goddesses of the like. Lucky for you and for me, there is absolutely no need to study up before leaping in to this book. Megan does a great job of keeping you in check along the way!

The only time I was lost was at the ending. I didn’t expect to have emotions, but I will say I did tear up in the last chapter. I’ll leave this vague for you, as I don’t want to ruin the ending. If you have read or seen Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and enjoyed it, then you’ll likely love this version as well. It rides along the lines of that story with touches of familiarity, however is told from a totally different angle. I felt as if by the second chapter Andromeda gripped hold of me and haunting me to come back for more. Let me put it this way, real life kept getting in the way of my figuring out what happens next. Megan’s descriptions are made of just the right stuff to build a strong vision for that brain movie that gets going when you’re reading. I loved our heroine’s personality here. She was unsure of herself and yet powerfully driven with purpose! I thought I was reading in to an epic love story, and in a way one could see it as such, but really it’s about the adventure of a girl (with help) throwing caution to the wind to save the day. Along the way she makes some pretty epic friends who stick with her.

I feel like Andromeda is someone I would want in my life. You know. If she weren’t in a fight for her life! I really love that my idea of certain gods and goddesses were pretty much shoved over to make room for these varied details that personally I never knew, or more possibly that Megan wrote in on her own. Which is wonderful! Very good read, I would recommend to anyone looking for a little quest filled with courageousness, surprises, and a definitely unexpected ending!