Andromeda by Meg Trotter

Author: Meg Trotter
Title: Andromeda
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: July 12, 2016
Source: Author

From Goodreads

For as long as she can remember, seventeen-year-old Princess Andromeda has done what was expected of her. She consented to a political marriage to a hateful older man. She became a quiet, obedient housewife. After her husband’s death, she agreed to be united in yet another political marriage for the sake of her country’s stability.

However, when the Greek goddess of the sea disrupts this second wedding ceremony, jealous of the pomp of the celebration, she places a curse on Andromeda and her home: either sacrifice the princess to a sea beast or let the creature destroy her country. A visit to the Oracle reveals that Andromeda needs four ancient weapons of the Greek gods to fight off the beast and the goddess who controls it.

Now Andromeda must find the strength and the cunning to do what she has never done before — to fight for her own life — while keeping the well-meaning “hero” Perseus out of her way.

Meg Trotter’s Andromeda dropped me into a world where gods are worshiped and quests are had. The story itself follows Andromeda as she goes on a mission to save her kingdom and herself while battling the misogynist opinions.
This is a book set in a historical setting and Trotter makes me feel like I am actually there instead of just reading about it. The amount of research she had to do to write a book like this shines through at every moment. Everything from geography, to dress, to hierarchies, and different gods and their attributes is written seamlessly and integrated into the story not from the historical view of someone looking back in time, but as though she was actually living with these characters at that time in history.
I love how Andromeda takes charge of everything, while still showing her weakness. Even when she is terrified she still continues forward because she is not going to let the sea beast destroy her kingdom. It’s always so important for me to show heroes with weaknesses as well and while Trotter has shaped Andromeda into a strong willed character, she isn’t afraid to show her uneasy side. Apprehension lurks around every corner as she is forced to go on the quest, but she never lets that stop her or slow her down even at the very end. It could have been so easy for her to walk away and let the sea beast destroy her kingdom while she hid away for the rest of her life, but she doesn’t.
Trotter doesn’t focus a lot on romance, this is a girl who was married off as a teenager, widowed as a teenager, and then while still a teen she is arranged to be married off yet again. It only makes sense for this story to not be about Andromeda falling in love or finding her true love, but for her to find herself. She created two unlikely friends while on this journey and while I do hope she finds love eventually with one of them, it was so refreshing to see the protagonist not giving their heart to someone else during the story.
The ending was fantastic. I was slightly apprehensive while reading, but once I got to the very end I was blown away. This is the first book in the series and while the other book focuses on another character, I know these characters will (hopefully) return and I cannot wait to see that happen. I need the next book in my life yesterday and I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a great read with a fantastic lead who happens to shatter her expectations as a woman at this time.

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