Road trip to Yallfest!

Tomorrow is a huge day in the relationship of my sister and I. Tomorrow we embark on our first solo road trip! I’ve got on road trips with just myself and my friend (who happens to be one of the Guest Bloggers) many times before and we have gotten to go see a lot of really awesome things that I might even dedicate another post to. However, I have never gotten to go anywhere with just my sister.

So, what is our destination you might ask? Charleston, South Carolina to go to the Young Adult Book Festival or simply Yallfest. I really love that shortened name for it because anything with the word Yall in it makes me think it’s going to be really Southern. I moved to Tennessee from Michigan almost three years ago (cannot believe its been that long) and the novelty of anything that sounds remotely southern still hasn’t worn off yet.

What is Yallfest you ask? Well as the name of it says it’s a festival for young adult books. For those of you who are unfamiliar with me in my personal life (which I am hoping is at least some of you so not everyone on here is someone I know) I am a writer. I may not be published (yet) but that doesn’t make it any different. I am a young adult writer and to be going to Yallfest is extremely exciting for me

There are going to be tons of authors there that I am super excited to meet! One of them I have actually already met before (Victoria Schwab) but I am super excited to meet her again. She was super nice the first time and now that I have read her book I am very excited to have something to talk with her about besides saying “I promise I will read your book”.

I urge everyone to please check out the website and check out the other superb list of authors who are going to be in attendance. I promise to post pictures when I get back.

Here is the website:

Have a good night everyone =)