You Before Anyone Else

You Before Anyone Else was an unexpectedly entertaining and attention grabbing book. This is definitely not a book that I normally tend to read, but the description was enough to get me to check it out. While I don’t think this book will change lives, it’s definitely worth reading. I finished the book in a matter of hours because I couldn’t put it down.
The lives of struggling models in NYC is not a world I am familiar with, but it’s the world both Finley and Eddie live in. Their worlds collide one evening at a party and fate keeps pushing them back together. Sometimes while I was reading I felt like everything was moving too fast, but when you put into perspective that each of these characters has already graduated high school and they both are living as independent adults, it’s really don’t feel that quick at all.
The story definitely brought up some great topics. Finley struggles with who she thinks she wants to be and what she can actually do that will fill her with passion every day. Eddie struggles with a secret for most of the book (that I will not give away here because SPOILERS) as he too tries to figure out the difference between who he thinks he should be and what he should actually be.
I really liked these characters and I enjoyed reading their story. I would definitely read more books by these two authors in the future. I feel like all of the characters in the story were well rounded. There wasn’t anyone in there who wasn’t there for a purpose or who I felt like wasn’t a real person. It feels like they were all given the same amount of detail as the two main characters and that was something I really liked.
The end of the story was great. I love that the best outcome possible happened for all of these characters. This is a book I would read again. Four stars!