2015 Wishlist

There are more books coming out next year than I can possibly remember. Two books are my standout books. I haven’t pre-ordered a book since Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was 2003 and my parents had ordered me the UK version of the book. I waited all day for this book watched as the delivery struck drove by all day and never came to my house. Finally around 7pm a frantic delivery boy pulled up in front of our house and dropped it off. I ran to the front door, tore open the box, and was met with a letter stating they couldn’t get the UK version to me on time so here’s the American version for free to tide you over.
Needless to say, I have some special memories of the last time I pre-ordered a book. Eleven years later and these are the two books I am going to pre-order:

1) The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows

Everything that I’ve heard about this says it’s better than the Incarnate Trilogy. This is kind of hard for me to understand because I LOVE the Incarnate trilogy and I cannot imagine falling in love with anyone as much as I did with Ana and Sam. How can Meadows top her debut series? I have no idea. But everyone that has gotten to read it so far says that it blows Incarnate out of the water.
This also makes me really nervous because the last time I was this excited for a book, I put it so highly on a pedestal that even if the book was amazing it would never have lived up to what I wanted it to be. I was not disappointed with Infinite though and considering I normally despise final books because they never live up to expectations that is saying something. Every book that Meadows writes just keeps getting better and better and I cannot imagine what she has in store for us with The Orphan Queen!

2) Rook by Sharon Cameron

My love of Sharon Cameron is no surprised. I’ve had the honor of helping her with the blog tours for her other two books and from what I’ve heard about this book she is going to continue to enchant me. Rook is a world without Katharine and Lane, a fact that makes me sad because we can seriously never get enough Lane! The tagline is amazing, “What will be has already been…” Holy crap! Isn’t that amazing! I know that there is a kick-butt girl in this and there are swords and prisoners and just all around amazingness!
The Dark Unwinding and A Spark Unseen were such great books and I have a feeling that Rook will take Cameron to the next level.

Both of these authors are already stars in my eyes and superstars they will become!