Netflix Has Sucked Me In!

It’s been a long while since I’ve had any time to read. This semester is by far my most difficult that I’ve ever had. I graduate in August 2015 (but I get to walk in May! yay!) and so this is my final year. I don’t really know if that has anything to do with it, but I have definitely had moments of feeling overwhelmed and like I am failing at everything.
The thing about reading for me is that unless I am invested in something and really in love with a book it is painful for me to finish it. At this point in my life (aka with school) I just don’t have the time to sit down and read a book that doesn’t suck me in. Instead I’ve taken to watching television. I never used to watch as much TV as I do now and it’s all because of Netflix. If I’m having a bad day I can sit down and watch entire seasons of shows until I feel less stressed out. To be completely honest that is probably where all my reading time is going.
There are some fantastic shows on there. I’ve watched all of the Grey’s Anatomy episodes, it’s how I got into Doctor Who, I was able to rewatch all the Call the Midwife seasons, Netflix introduced me to Sherlock (really that was Shalena grabbing my Netflix remote). I watched How I Met Your Mother on there. I loved the show The 4400 when I was younger and was so upset when it was canceled. I was able to watch the show on Netflix and now I can pinpoint the exact moment where viewers were probably lost.
Right now I am watching Once Upon a Time. For some reason I get in my head that I will boycott some shows. Why? I have no idea. Once Upon a Time was one of those shows. I never watched it even though the rest of my family did. Two weeks ago I sat down and watched the first episode. I’m now in the middle of season two and I can say I think this show is genius!
I love how it effortlessly blends all of these fairytale characters together, how they stick with what their traditional background was but then they also twist it. I love how the show is set up between the “now” in the real world and the “then” in the fairytale world. If anyone is on the fence about this show and has Netflix then I would definitely take to watching it.
I really did sit down that first time and think, “I’ll probably quit after twenty minutes” and then a few hours later I had watched an embarrassing amount of episodes and was hooked from that moment. If anyone loves fairytales and loves twisty stories then check this show out!
As for the blog, I can’t guarantee when another post will come. School, my internship, and my job are kind of overwhelming at the moment. I can pretty much guarantee you will probably have to wait awhile for another book review, but I will try my hardest and get other types of posts, like this one, up so you all know I’m alive…and that my brain is still intact from the insane amount of TV I am watching.
Also important to note that I am not taking any requests at the moment and if I am sent one I will not respond. I will post when I am taking requests again.
Till next time!