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Welcome to the INCARNATE Theater Treasure Hunt!

This week, 48 bloggers are celebrating the release of INCARNATE by Jodi Meadows by participating in a treasure hunt with clues, activities, and lots of prizes including signed books and handknit fingerless mitts. You’ve reached a CLUE blog, which means somewhere on this page is a clue to finding the hidden page and grand prize entry form on Jodi’s website. Follow 26 clues to get there!

For more information on the INCARNATE Theater Treasure Hunt, check out Jodi’s post.

Music was something that was very important to Jodi and today we are very lucky to have her pick a song from her playlist and tell us a little bit about why it was important to her. Here is what Jodi had to say:

Make This Go On Forever, by Snow Patrol –
I’m not sure how I wrote books before Snow Patrol. I love all their music, but the chorus of “Make This Go On Forever” is especially relevant to INCARNATE. This is definitely a Sam song. Though he cares about Ana, he doesn’t always know how to deal with her because she’s so different from everyone he’s known. While they fight, and he has ethical questions about their relationship, he desperately wants to make it work.

My clue is to help you get an extra entry into the grand prize drawing. When you reach the password-protected page (using the clues from other bloggers!), you’ll find a form to enter the grand-prize drawing. One question on the form will say, “What’s the secret blogger word?”

The answer to that is a six-letter word. Five other bloggers and I have clues to this one. Unscramble the word and enter it for an extra chance to win!

My clue is . . . S.

Here are the links to follow the treasure hunt onto the next part:

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As an extra for you all if you head over to my “Few and Far Between” page (its my giveaway page for those unfamiliar) it will lead to information on how to win a few things from me =)

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  1. Christina Kit. says:

    I love Snow Patrol!

  2. Katja says:

    SNOOOOOOW PATROL!! I absolutely love them!