Review “Bloodrose” by Andrea Cremer


Title: Bloodrose
By: Andrea Cremer
Published by: Philomel
Released on: January 3rd, 2012
Source: Purchased book

I am a huge fan of the Nightshade series by Andrea Cremer and so I was so excited to finally be able to read Bloodrose, which is the third book. I have two things to say about this book: it was completely amazing and I have never felt so conflicted about the ending of a book before.

From the very first page Andrea Cremer really gets us started. There is not a single moment in this book that was uneventful, not one time where I was bored.

There was the introduction of a love triangle. We get to see both Shay and Ren together and see how they interact with each other and how Calla responds to both of them. I am going to admit that I did not like certain aspects of this and I wish that Calla had been stronger in her opinions but I do understand her reasons for acting the way that she did.

Parts of this book were shocking and sad and I wouldn’t change anything about that. Those parts of the story really added to the overall feeling that this was a war, and in war sometimes bad things happen.

So the real kicker is the ending. I am going to admit when I first finished this book, I hated the ending. I was so upset words could not describe. I would tell you all exactly why I didn’t like it but I do not want to spoil anything for you all.

The thing that kept pulling at me and made me feel guilty for not liking it was because it was just so perfect for the series. The ending is extremely shocking and as someone who prides themselves on being able to predict endings I was blown away. I understand completely why Andrea Cremer chose this ending and I will give her major props for following through with what she believed in instead of just going down the beaten path with it.

My reasons for not liking the ending at first was just because I really thought it was going to go another way and I had my heart set on it. I was a little devastated at first, but after giving myself over a week to really think about it I cannot fault the ending. It really was a perfect ending to these books. It was not at all what I was expecting and I am glad I didn’t write the review when I first finished it because it would not have been pretty.

After rereading the book and specifically the ending multiple times, while I won’t say that its my favorite, I can say that it is the perfect ending to these books. I do not mind it so much now as I did when I first finished reading it.

The characters in the book were perfectly happy with what happened to them and so I felt a bit selfish by wanting it to end a certain way. All I can say to everyone out there is go into these books with an open mind, don’t have your heart set on it ending one way because I can guarantee all of you that you are never going to guess how it all ends.

I would most definitely recommend this book series to everyone! I didn’t realize how much I loved these books until I finished reading Bloodrose and I know that all of you will love them too.

Even though I have given you all my opinion of Bloodrose I hope that you read this book with an open mind and do not let me thoughts sway your opinion of what happens. I hope that you all really love these books just as I love them. Some of you are going to LOVE the ending the first time that you read it and some of you, like me, are going to need some time to digest what happens.

Bloodrose has the perfect balance of romance and action and it really shows the beauty in nature and in wolves.

Overall these are truly amazing books and for Bloodrose I will give it four stars!