“Inheritance” Book Review by Alex

Inheritance Review


Derûndânn (“greetings” in Paolini’s dwarvish)! I’m Alex. This being my first review, I am determined to persuade you into the reading of the series/book I’m about to discuss. Ready yourself because the level of excitement I had while reading this book may be displayed sporadically and without control.

The Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini started with Eragon, a book that was gifted to me at a fairly young age. I delved inside the story of the farmhand nephew who stumbled upon what he thought was just a simple rock. I followed his journey as he befriended, mourned, fell in love, and learned about the responsibility that now had fallen on his shoulders. The descriptive story sucked me into another world, unable to snap free until hunger or exhaustion overpowered the book’s power. I experienced flights with Eragon on his beloved dragon Saphira to Farthen Dûr, the dwarves’ home; or to Ellesméra, the elves. To me, the series resembled Harry Potter in how it influenced my life.

A few years ago when I heard that Paolini actually needed to turn the trilogy into a four-book-series, I was ecstatic… one of my favorite stories wasn’t going to end as fast as I anticipated. While reading the third book, I understood why he had to. One of two important plotlines had yet to be laid out. And, the main plot line, the dealing with Galbatorix by Eragon and Saphira, had not occurred either. Foreshadowing played a huge part into the story. In the first book, Eragon had a vision of the future. This vision also included another dragon, a dragon that had yet to be introduced and a rider that had yet to realize. Anyway, the first three books were beautifully written and left many unanswered questions that Paolini would come to include in the final book… Inheritance.

Of all books, I have never been overtaken by emotion. However, when I read the last few chapters of this book, I couldn’t help but tear up (force myself to stop reading to allow myself to calm down). During the time between Brisingr (the 3rd book) and Inheritance, I had time to contemplate the remaining questions that were still unanswered. I had my suspicions, and as I read Inheritance, they turned out to be true. Some of these made me angry beforehand, but when I read them, I saw they were necessary. I was left aghast on numerous occasions. Usually a happy surprise. I will say, there was a certain person (of royalty) that I wanted Eragon to murder. That was the only time I became angry. As I neared the end, a piece of the story I had forgotten was brought back into the story. This is the point I began to weep. I felt as if everyone had forgotten this event. Anyway, it soon led into the ending, which added to my sadness.

I really loved Inheritance, and I really loved the series. There were some things I wish happened another way, but I understood why they were necessary. I 100% recommend these books. I believe you will fall in love with the story… just as I did.


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