New Site Feature

When I was 10 or 11 years old I joined a website called Harry Potter Dialogue Center. For many years prior to my entrance onto this site the only people who read the things that I wrote were family members. Joining a discussion boards with a fan fiction element allowed me to share my writing with others on a public level. There I was very lucky to meet friends from all over the world. One from Norway was a guest blogger on here for a while. This awesome group of people shepherded me in the world of writing for me and writing for other people. They provided me with great friendships and support. Some of them gave me amazing writing to strive towards. It was a great environment for me to learn and grow both as a writer and as a person.
Like many other people life got in the way the last few years and I hadn’t been on there in a really long time. When I remembered the site the way that it once was it made me sad to know that it wasn’t anymore. Then the announcement came that the boards would be closing down soon. Many of the people who were on when it was at it’s glory returned to the boards and shared stories of our great times there. Then I realized that for other people, who were like me, their place to learn and grow as writers would no longer be there. There are other websites, other fandoms, out there where people can go. I wanted to make something different though. I wanted to make a place where my friends from both worlds, fan fiction and original writing, could collide and form a fun place for all.

Some of you may have noticed a new listing in the menu. Forum. When I first started this website I had come directly from a forum environment and so the forums were what I thought The Book Vortex would be. As the website turned into something else the forums faded away until I took them out completely. When the announcement came that the HP boards would be closing I wanted to reopen them. I also wanted a place where writers could come and talk to other writers without the fear of showing off everything. This is where the security features come in. Not everyone can see the writing forums. Everyone can see the general forums and the fandom ones, but the writing ones are blocked off. Because of this in order to register you do need to answer a security question.

I hope to see some of you over there.