Writer Vs. Blogger Vs. Student

Let me start out by saying I hope the title of this post didn’t get you too excited to read about some huge smackdown between different people. Let’s face it for many of us in the blogging world we are those three people.
I am a student. I have two years left in school and I feel like time could not be going any slower on this.
I am a blogger. Obviously. This site will be two years old come Halloween so I feel like I am officially say I’m a blogger.
I am a writer. I might not be published, but writing is a fierce passion of mine.
All three of these things take up a lot of time. Throw in the fact that some of us also work full time as well as go to school full time and blog and write it seems our time is booked. People who don’t do what we do can’t possibly understand that concept. I get a lot of “Why don’t you hang out with friends?” then I tell them all the things I have to do and they look a little like this:

Yeah. *sighs* It takes up a lot of time. Add in doing an internship and planning additional in person events as well as blog tours…yeah my time is gone.

I read another blog post yesterday about people who are stuck in a reading rut. With so much going on in our lives the books that we read have to be stand out and worth our precious time. It’s a choice between doing homework, work for the internship, and writing our own precious stories. So now days when I pick up a book and read it that’s the weight that it carries. I ask myself whether or not this book is worth it to stop writing and temporarily moving forward with my own dream. Many of you, like me, have that dream and some of you, also like me, are impatient. We are impatient because we’ve longed for it for so long. We are impatient because we see the “sold” announcements on Twitter. We see our favorite authors on tour and they are just so darn supportive of us! And yet. We aren’t there.
So when I pick up a book and read it I am setting aside my dream for a little while and my thought is this book better be worth it. The last two books that I tried to read were not worth it. Then there was one that was. Then I went a long while without seeing another book that was worth it. Until recently. I received A Spark Unseen by Sharon Cameron and I am doing a review in a few days for Body and Blood by Amanda Havard. These books are worth it. So far during the reading of both of them I have been kept on my toes. Not a dull moment between the two of them. That makes it worth it. Returning to familiar worlds are worth it.

So what do you do when you’re a student also? Make a schedule. What I had to come to terms with last semester was that each semester of school is different. The first year I had this blog open I had TONS of free time and I had just finished a book and was taking a step back from writing to recover (lol). So basically I had nothing better to do that get to read! That changed dramatically last semester. I discovered Spanish is NOT my forte and I was doing my first internship. Basically. I almost collapsed under the load.

The interesting thing is looking bad. I see a lot of things that I could have done differently so that the outcome was a little different. I spent hours and hours writing last semester. Didn’t focus on homework or reading. I was determined that it was going to get finished. It didn’t. And I realize now that even though I viewed reading as taking time away from my dream wasn’t it reading in the first place that helped realize what my dream even was? It’s like someone who dreams of being an actor, but refusing to watch any type of performance. Or an aspiring musician giving up listening to other music.

So if you are like me and have a million and four things happening all at once and you think you don’t have time for something. Well. You do. Read the books that are worth it. Don’t waste your time on the ones that aren’t. Be a good student. And write your book.