What is “The Book Vortex”

Apparently there has been some confusion on what this website is. Not from other book lovers like me, but from people who are completely unaware of what a book blog even is! Keep reading as I try and explain it a little for you.

1) Book Reviews
A book blog gets books to review. This can come from many places. The library, bookstore, friends, Netgalley, publishers, and sometimes even authors themselves. It is a book reviewers job to give an honest and helpful opinion on a book. Honest obviously means telling exactly what you felt about the book good or bad. Helpful means don’t flame the author. That means a reviewer can critique the merits of the book. What parts of the book did they not like, what parts of the writing technically were bad, what overall story points did not make sense. This does not include ever, ever, EVER critiquing the author personally. It is our job to talk about the books not the author. Kind of like if you don’t like a TV show you criticize the show itself and NOT the personality or the lives of the actors. You talk about, praise or critique, the actual piece of work.

2) Book discussions
That’s what this post is. It’s a discussion on things happening in the book world. Discussion posts are when you discuss either a certain aspect of books (for example my post on Villains a while ago) or talk about the book world (like announcing when an author has signed for a new book). These are just posts where the blogger (me) will talk directly to the reader (you).

3) Writing
This is not something that all of the book blogs have, however, some of them do include it. This is a type of post where I discuss my own personal journey in the writing world so that I may relate to other readers who are also writers. Writing can seem like a very solitary journey sometimes and so it is always nice to get to communicate with others who share the same passion as you.

4) Guest Post
We have several guest posts here on The Book Vortex. They are all my friends or relatives. I have two friends, Eline and Priscilla, who have shared their thoughts on here. There are also two relatives of mine, Paul and Cathy, who are sharing their thoughts on books. They can either be discussion posts like I have already discussed or reviews.

5) Blog Tours
Blog tours are online promotional tours for authors and their books. Traditionally they include author interviews, character interviews, and guest posts from the authors as well as reviews. Here on The Book Vortex I participate in Blog Tours as well as organize them.

That about sums up what a book blogger does. Hope that is helpful for those out there who aren’t sure exactly what it is I spend my time doing.