The Did Not Finish Pile

Every once in a while as reviewers we all get those books we can’t finish. The first time I ever had a book so bad that it was painful to read was in August and I had no clue that we were allowed to mark it as DNF. It took me forever to finish reading that book and eventually I just started skipping huge sections of it and when I finished I felt like I had lost days of my life and could never get them back. Like my life force had just been sucked out of me and I couldn’t move because my brain was scarred for life. Luckily that has only ever happened once.

Today I am going to talk about two other books that were DNF for me. I am going to tell you what they are because I feel like this, it’s my job to let you know what I thought of books and I have to tell it honestly even if it means telling you about books I couldn’t get all the way through. The two books I am going to talk about were not horrid books. They were both well written and put together and for the most part (aka the part I actually got through) the story and characters flowed very nicely together.

Book Number One:

This is the second book in the Lies Beneath series. The first book was Lies Beneath and I gave it 3 stars. That says that it was okay. To me that means I didn’t love it, but at the same time I did not hate it. It was an okay read and others should give it a shot before they put it down. The series is about mermaids, which at first was something I thought would be really cool. I love The Little Mermaid and the Disney movie The 13th Year so I thought this one would peak my interest too. Plus it happens on Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes, and since I am from the Great Lake state I thought it would pull me in even more. I was able to make it through that book, but when I was reading the second book, even though it had a good story going for it, I just couldn’t get sucked in enough. I had to make the decision to not commit myself to reading the rest of it because chances are I would have given it a bad rating and bad review because it just didn’t peak my interest. I am writing about it on here today because I believe both of these books have a good writing quality and a good storyline, it just wasn’t for me.

Book Number Two:

This book was sent to me by the author for review. I was very grateful to receive this book. I like the premise of the book. A boy falls in love with a girl online and the girl just happens to be his best friend in real life. Interesting concept. I was reading this book from an e-reader and I am not sure if it would have looked differently in a printed version or not, but my eyes crossed a little because of the set up. Some of the passages are formatted to look like emails and IM’s back and forth between the characters. Sounds cool in theory, but as I was reading that was something that drove me a little nuts. Other than that it was an alright read, however like Deep Betrayal it wasn’t something that pulled me in enough to keep me reading. Also a reiteration from before the writing itself was good and there are tons of other people who I know would love it. That’s why I am sharing this.

I have been learning over the past few years of reading and since starting this website that my taste in genres is not as large and open as I once thought it was. A contemporary has to be amazing in order to really pull me in. Same with urban fantasies, whatever element in the story that makes it fantasy really has to stick out. It has to be special. I have learned that I much prefer fantasy books or historical fiction even some alternate history. Books with no magic or sword fighting not so much. So while these books did not drag me into the pages head first I know that for some of you they will! Give them a shot and let me know what you think!