Book Vortex Playlist!

Remember those changes I was talking about? Well here is the first one. Music is so important to my writing process. I cannot sit down to write without music playing. Usually it comes in one of three ways:

1) Through my iPod
2) Through my Youtube playlists on my computer
3) Through Music Choice on TV.

I used to have an office in my basement and being able to turn on Music Choice alternative channel was such a great way to feel the energy from that without having it be in my face like an iPod of laptop. I also didn’t have to worry about when the songs ran out on my Youtube playlist or if songs NOT on my writing list started playing on my iPod. Needless to say that is my preferred way.

If I have learned anything from past playlists guest posts by authors on this blog it’s that every author chooses a song differently. It could mean something to them personally or to their characters. It could mimic their storyline. Like I said, it means a variety of different things.

Music is so important to my writing process because my stories comes from the music. It doesn’t have to be what the lyrics are about. In fact many times I have no clue what the lyrics are when I decide a song is on my writing playlist. It all has to do with the mood of the song. The quality and tone of the singers voice and the instruments accompanying them. Sometimes if there is just one line in particular that stands out my imagination will pull it and create an entire world in a split second.

One of the earliest song I can remember that did this for me was a song called The Truth Beneath the Rose by Within Temptation. If you haven’t heard of this incredible band before I’ll give you a little background. They are from the Netherlands, fronted by a kick butt female singer with incredible vocals, and their music can be described as gothic symphony. Truth Beneath the Rose is an epic song. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Yeah. Pretty awesome. I started writing a story of the same title (Truth Beneath the Rose or TBTR as I like to call it) when I was about 14-15. I hadn’t learned to just keep going yet so after numerous rewrites and starting over I moved onto a different project when I was 18. This story is still really near and dear to my heart though. This book is completely plotted out. Histories of both the world and characters are done. Basically I guess I am trying to say that I should probably get back onto that one as soon as my current project is finished.

Let me know what you think of the song! What songs do you guys listen too?