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Interview with Jennifer Murgia

Jennifer Murgia

1) There was a lot of background research done by the characters in Lemniscate. How much of the things you wrote about were based on actual research you did and how much was your creation?

~ I’d say there was a good mix of both! I enjoy, and appreciate, stories with plausible tones – anything to make the reader wonder “hmmm….”, so I did a fair amount of research on angels and angelic mythology. Of course, spiritual beliefs are extremely diverse, so I took what I personally believe in, along with the beliefs of others, and turned it into a fictional premise. Lemniscate is based on the age-old belief – the more you open yourself up to evil, the easier it is to let that evil in. Sort of like the more you surround yourself with something, you become influenced by it, and it takes on a life of its own.

2) I absolutely love the way that you perceived Heaven and Hell in the book. Why did you decide to have them exist in the mind instead of in physical places?

~ I think everyone’s take on Heaven and Hell is a personal one. I also think the mind is an extremely powerful thing, perhaps powerful enough to be able to create a “place” when really all it is, is a state of mind. Also the notion of good and evil being of equal existence in our own minds is absolutely real. Why else are people able to experience such highs and lows? Why do we feel happiness and fear? The two most definitely co-exist.

3) Three of the teenage characters in the book all have one parent that has died. Was this a coincidence? Why was it important to show that each of them was united through a missing parent?

~ How awesome you noticed that! Yes, Teagan, Brynn and Ryan have each lost a parent, and that loss has allowed them to want something they feel is tremendously out of reach. In the end, they realize they all have a common bond. It’s also to face the fact that life isn’t perfect. It throws you curve balls and we either dodge the hits, or run from them – sometimes learning how to face it with someone they didn’t expect to lean on.

4) My heart broke when I found out Ryan was being abused. Why was it important to have his character go through that experience and to include it in the book?

~ With both Ryan and Brynn’s characters, I wanted to give a solid reason why they were “bullies” in Angel Star. Bullying and “losing” the real you is often the result of trauma. Losing a loved one or enduring abuse, to me, has to be one of the hardest things to live with, and certainly would alter a person. Not only does that break you, but it shapes you – sometimes for better or worse, and overcoming something that devastating is an awesome “power”.

5) I love the way that Lemniscate ended but I would love to see the story continue, will there be another book in the series?

~ I’m so excited to say yes! I’m working on the next installment now, and it will actually be a Prequel to Angel Star! I can only reveal a little bit to you by saying it will tell of Lucifer’s fall, how it swayed Hadrian to corrupt the Guardians, and will also include the backstory of Teagan’s father. A couple months ago I held a contest to create two new characters for the book and I can’t wait to write them into the story line!

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I really like these books you guys, and I loved Lemniscate. I became Team Ryan, and then switched back to Team Garreth for Teagan. Truthfully though if I am being honest if Garreth and Teagan broke up and I had to pick between Ryan and Garreth its totally Ryan. (THis is all in the second book btw, he was kind of a jerk in the first one but it wasn’t his fault. Read it to find out why!)