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Welcome to the Sidekick blog tour! I am really excited about this! There won’t be a review here today because Pab Sungenis is a Month9Books author which means that I might be a little biased because of my internship lol. BUT I do have a fun except for you here!

I cycled through the modes on my visor until I found the zoom feature and got a close look at the guy. My worst fears were confirmed when I saw what he was carrying with him. “Crap,” I yelled over to Pandora. “It’s one of the Snack Cake Gang.”

“What? Never heard of them.”

“Uncle Jack and I tangled with them a lot. Weird bunch. They like to throw cupcakes and stuff at people when committing their crimes.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me. What kind of damage can a cupcake do?”

“Their cupcakes explode.”

“Say no more.” She scanned the tracks. Here in Harbor City we might not make the trains run on time, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t count on one coming by when you wanted one. Or when you didn’t want one. “Train pulling out of the next station up the line. Looks like we’ve got maybe three … no, scratch that, two minutes at best.” She shook her head. “How do you get trains that run so fast in this city?”

“What can I say, we’re proud of our infrastructure. Try to stop or slow down the train. I’ll take care of the thug.” She peeled off quickly, and I poured on the speed toward the saboteur, hoping to get the jump on him.

“ha ha! scarlet knight, we meet again!” No such luck. I hated how the craze for witty banter in the middle of battle had prompted so many criminals to carry around megaphones these days. I didn’t want to hear what they had to say, just knock the snot out of them. I could see the guy clearly now. He was wearing a garish, rainbow colored outfit topped with a white chef’s hat. It took me a moment, but I remembered which one of the Snack Cake Gang dressed that way. Simple Simon. It was easy to predict what was coming.

I spun up the controls for the cell phone I’d added to the helmet a few days before (something that, surprisingly, Uncle Jack had never thought of) and rang 911. Before the operator could say anything, I blurted out the guy’s location and suggested a couple of dozen cop cars converging on that point would probably be a good idea. Then I turned my full attention to Simon. “Come on, Simon. There are two ways we can go about this. We can do it the easy way, or we can do it the fun way. I know which one I’d prefer. How about you?”

“You think you’re so smart, Scarlet Knight? Well, maybe these fruit pies will stop you!”

He lobbed a bunch of spinning oblong discs at me, and I dove downward. The “pies” burst above me, showering me with heat, shrapnel, and blueberry filling. The suit provided some protection against all three, leaving me with just a bit of a bruise and a horrible purple splotch on my back. Dammit, I did not want to have to do laundry tonight. “Fine. The fun way it is.”

I spun around and headed back toward Simon. He kept throwing pastry. The closer I got, the harder the deadly confections were to dodge. Especially because it can be kind of hard to concentrate with Peanut Butter Bar missiles zipping past your head. I made the mistake of looking over to my right to see how Pandora was doing, and a Butterscotch Whatzit banged into my helmet and exploded.

My ears rang louder than the bells of Old St. Mary’s, and my vision blurred. My visor blinked off for a second as the helmet’s systems quickly rebooted. From what the readouts told me, the helmet itself didn’t appear damaged, but I was willing to lay even money that I had at least a minor concussion. That did it. The bozo was going down.

As soon as I recovered my senses, an act that took only a few seconds but could make all the difference when in the middle of battle, I went to grab Simon. Sirens heralded the arrival of cops—and apparently the fire department—on the scene, but there was no way I was going to hand him over to the police this time. If they wanted him, they could drive out to City Hall and cut him down from the flagpole after I’d given him the worst wedgie of his life.

But my childish dream of revenge was not to come to fruition, since by the time I could see straight again, Simple Simon was gone. I couldn’t tell if he’d jumped off the tracks, climbed down, or found some other way to escape, but it didn’t really matter. All that mattered was that when I dove down to grab him there was no him to grab. All that was left was four pound cakes tied to the rails, and a sack of various snack cakes lying in the center of the track.

I zoomed as high as I could as quickly as I could as the sugar-sweetened bombs all detonated below me. The explosion took out the tracks, the rails, and the El bridge over Frankford Avenue, showering the street below with wreckage and chocolatey frosting.


by Pab Sungenis

Publish date: March 12, 2013 by Month9Books, LLC

Bobby Baines is in high school, which is bad enough. But things go from bad to worse when his hero, Scarlet Knight, dies. Bobby is forced to take up his mantel, becoming the new Scarlet Knight. Only Scarlet Knight never had to deal with eeking out a passing grade in math, keeping his fellow sidekicks in check, or stopping a giant squid from bearing down on his high school and crushing everyone inside. All this while trying to get the girl! It’s going to take a lot more than a cape, sword and fancy watch to fill Scarlet’s Knight’s shoes. After all, Bobby Baines is no super hero, he’s a Sidekick!


Born in the swamps of Southern New Jersey, Pab Sungenis developed a childhood fascination with cartooning and drew a daily strip for his own amusement for two years before realizing he couldn’t draw. He wound up in broadcasting, worked for numerous stations including WSBU, WOND, WMGM, WSKR, WBNJ, WWBZ, and WKTU. He describes his drawing ability as like that of “a mentally challenged rhinoceros on a Ny-Quil bender”, but thanks to the wonders of photo-manipulation and computer image editing, on February 8, 2006 he found himself creating The New Adventures of Queen Victoria, which has appeared ever since, first on, and now in online syndication with Pab Sungenis is available for quotes, signings, video or podcast appearances, and all opportunities relative to SIDEKICK: THE MISADVENTURES OF THE NEW SCARLET KNIGHT.


Grand prize includes a print copy of SIDEKICK: The Misadventures of the New Scarlet Knight, Kick-Ass DVD, and a Superhero mask set. Grand prize is open to US residents only.

Five ebook copies of SIDEKICK: The Misadventures of the New Scarlet Knight will also be given away, open internationally.

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