Blogging in the Publishing World

Hey there!

If any of you are like me then your dream job is in publishing. A life in publishing was not something that I always dreamed of. I knew from the time I was six that I wanted to be a doctor. Probably before then, but my earliest memory comes from that age. I had everything set and my life plan written. I was going to be an ob/gyn who specialized in high risk births. My back up wasn’t even publishing. My back up was a neonatologist. So yeah, publishing was never on my mind. Sure, I always knew that I was going to be a writer. Started writing my first novel in the 5th grade. Night of the Shooting Stars. It was…interesting.
Then I got into college and….found out that being a doctor was most definitely not in the cards for me. For a while I was lost. This was the entire life plan and it had suddenly been erased as easily as if I had written it up on a dry erase board. What was I supposed to do now?
I still had no idea for a while, then I got on Twitter and started following my favorite authors. From there I started following agents and editors and publishers. I learned so much about the publishing world through social media. I also learned about author events. This sounds like a ridiculous comment because I know you guys all know about events, but I had no clue.
Then I started this website. Somehow along the way I started organizing blog tours. Working with publicists at the houses, and meeting some amazing people. Whatever division of the publishing world you want to belong to or even think about getting into it’s important to know what’s happening. Connect with people through your own blog or through social media. Don’t be afraid to take risks. As you all know I am currently interning at Month9Books, it’s a place that I LOVE interning for! Everyone is so wonderful there. I was able to get something like that because I had previously worked with someone in the publicity department.
My point here is not to shove my awesome internship at you, but rather to tell you that if it’s something you want, something that you dream about, then don’t let anything get in your way. That includes thinking you will never make it! I know all of you can do it, but you have to take the steps to get it.
There are some fabulous ways for you to connect with the people that matter. Most of you have your own blogs, that means you are already learning about the publishing world. Get involved. Be happy.