Throwback Thursday- Two Princesses of Bamarre

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Okay okay okay! I know I’ve already done this book before! You caught me! I recently picked up this book again and this is a perfect excuse for me to gush over it! I love this book. It’s one of those books that I wish had a sequel, but at the same time I don’t. On the one hand I want to continue on with Addie and Rhys, but on the other hand the novel ended so perfectly and left everything complete and perfect.

Contrary to what Goodreads says Addie is about 16 throughout the majority of the book. (Goodreads says 12 which is just wrong since Addie gets married at the end) She is shy and timid and kind of just like me. She has an older sister who is brave and outgoing and strong, also, just like me or rather like my older sister Tessa. When Tessa…I mean Meryl gets sick Addie has to go on an epic journey across Bamarre to save her sister from the Gray Death.

The cure to the Gray Death would be when “When cowards found courage,” I really love that. It might be because I am the biggest coward ever and don’t do a lot of things because they scare me. I also do a lot of things that terrify me. So the idea that the cure to anything could be found when cowards find courage is really awesome to me. I think Gail Carson Levine knew that too when she was writing this. A lot of booky people are shy and so I think the whole theme of this book can really resonate with them.

I am a shy kid and freak out and stress out over the smallest things, but when it comes to my family I would do anything for them. I would trek across Bamarre….I mean…the US in order to help them. I would outsmart specters, slay ogres, fight dragons, and move mountains in order to protect them. Just like Princess Addie does for her sister.

Another element to this book that I really loved were the poems and epics. Goodreads calls this a Mythopoeic Fantasy. It reminds me a little of the form of The Odyssey and Beowulf. Sections of the book are reenacted epic poems and I loved it!

I am also a slightly “prudish” person. I am very reserved and old fashioned when it comes to romances. I am not a giant fan of books where characters are all over all the time. That might be one of the reason why I love this book. The romance and relationship between Addie and the sorcerer Rhys isn’t based on physical attraction or actions, it’s rooted in the fact that they each love each other inside and out completely. It’s a slow building romance that still had me squirming inside and smiling whenever they were together. I kept looking around for my Rhys to come flying in and doing a show with the clouds….but…I just got cold and had to come back inside.

The story of this book is simple. A girl trying to save her sister no matter the cost. It resonates with so many people. It’s a really easy read, you could probably finish it in less than three hours, and it is definitely worth the read.


  1. What an excellent review. I loved Emma Enchanted by the same author.

  2. I remember reading this, but it was so long ago that I pretty much forget the entire story. I definitely need to read it again, soon! Awesome pick! Check out my Throwback Thursday :)  

  3. I remember the last time you featured this and I wanted to read it and then life happened and I FORGOT, so I’m glad you featured it again! I’ll need to search for it next time I head to the library or McKays.