Throwback Thursday: Go Ask Alice- Anonymous

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Author: Anonymous (aka Beatrice Sparks)
Publication Date: 1971

Go Ask Alice was a different choice for me. My comprehension of this book may be a little on the corny side, because all during high school I was that anti drug kid who steered clear of any and all things illegal, drinking, smoking, drugs, you name it. This is meant to read as a diary of a young girl who leads a seemingly normal life then spirals into an uncontrollable drug binge on and off.

During the first half of reading I was clinging to keep reading, really pushing myself to gain interest. In a way you can see how easily a teen can struggle with drug usage being first peer pressured and mostly tricked in to taking that first little dose of mind altering substance, then gaining interest in other forms of drugs. Not at all that this justifies drug use, but I suppose being on one side growing up it was sort of a window or a peek at the way some of my good friends probably got introduced to the substances. The journey begins with a party and being unknowingly drugged by drink, her curiosity from there grows, then the guilt of her actions cause her to go further and further into the world of a drug pusher, a run away, and eventually ends in bullying and unbearable torment by those around her still engaging with drugs whilst she was trying to keep clean.

As you read through it becomes a little more difficult to believe that someone would clutch to their diary and continue to coherently write regularly. I imagine a bit of it could be based on a real story but a good bit was more than likely was fabricated to fill in the gaps. On the one hand I enjoyed reading because you know the high school kid antidruggie at heart was intrigued, but there were times I really felt I had to drag myself to the next page. Though maybe the style in which this story was told may not be my favorite, I feel there is a moral to be told which is an important perspective for youngins to be aware of. Read it, love it or hate it either way it will stick with you, and definitely spark a conversation if nothing else based on points of view and validation, or lack there of, of how things play out.



  1. Mandi Kaye says:

    You know, this one is definitely a classic – one that I have to admit that I have never read! Thanks for participating and for sharing this one with us!