Priscilla’s Ramblings

Hi there! I had some things to share that will be putting influence on the types of books I’ll be reading in the next several months… no years! in this weeks run to the library I picked up a few pregnancy books as well! My husband and I found out last Monday that we are expecting! It was a total surprise and taking the pregnancy test was more of a joke than an actual “test” for us. So it was mighty quiet when we saw that little plus sign that popped up with the quickness of a golden snitch! haha! Ever since then we have put pressure on debating whether or not to make a move to a tiny apartment with a budget friendly price tag so we could be be closer to everything or stay in our large but out of the way and sort of pricey home! Oh boy decisions decisions!

In my video post a few weeks ago I mentioned not having children to read the Box Car Children to, now in just a few short years I’ll have my own little book worm to read them with!! In the mean time my husband and I have been diving into all the pregnancy reading material we can stand! Including baby name books! Apparently choosing a name is far more difficult than we could imagine. We had a name picked for each sex and now hubby has decided the girl name isn’t working for him hah! Well goodness! And you are choosing this name that will follow this kid around for LIFE, that’s kind of scary! Ah!

Now as far as my reading selection has gone, I’ve had few hit and miss I started to read The Joker by Ranulfo. I got at least 1/4 of the way into it and then just lost interest. In all fairness, it was not the books fault. This is the point We found out we were pregnant and I just couldn’t focus! But now I am reading Go Ask Alice by Anonymous and I can’t tear myself away! Forty pages left and I’ll give you a full review! A few other titles have come and gone but I failed to write down the names and authors. Shame on me! ;) *sigh*.

One last exciting thing to share! I’ve been helping a talented up and coming author by being a sort of Beta reader! I’m loving the story so far and it’s so cool to get to have a wee bit of input here or there if nothing else to job the brain and get the words flowing ;) Or I may be glorifying my “duties” but it’s my little life and I’ll take what I can get hehe!