“Eden” Book Review by Tessa

Hey y’all I’m Tessa this is my first review and I’m very glad to be able to share it with you all. This book is one of my favorites. The book is called Eden and its by the author Keary Taylor who is also known for doing the Fall of Angels series , a series I have not read but may since Eden turned out so good.

Set in a time when human kind has turned into machines called Fallen we meet Eve who has a missing past and nightmares that seem to have some clues as to who or what she is. She doesn’t quite feel at home in Eden but there is something there that is home to her a certain man named Avian, seven years her senior, he was the man who found her alone when she was thirteen. She’s come to consider the people of Eden somewhat like family. When a stranger named West is caught by Eve her whole world turns upside down.

Things begin to happen that she has never experienced before and she doesn’t quite know what to make of it. Couple this with the fact the Eve is very strong and never gets tired not to mention can heal quickly makes for an interesting read. Let me first say to those of you who might be turned off by another love triangle just take a chance with this one.

The writing is so well done I honestly couldn’t tell whether I favored Avian or West until Eve figured it out and that ladies and gentlemen is a well written love triangle and the fact that I was happy with Eves choice made it even better. But this isn’t just about a love triangle there is plenty of action.

Taylor made Eve a strong character, one who’s not held back by anybody. She dives right in which makes me compare her to Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy). There are some really sad parts in this book so be prepared.

All in all this is a very good book super good. I read so many books that after a while things begin to blend in with one another but Eden sticks out. This was a refreshing read and one that I was exited to come back too. Just the right mix of action and romance I definitely recommend book. Right now on Keary Taylors website she says she has no plans for a sequel but I hope she may change her mind once she see’s what a good reaction her book is getting.
Five Stars!


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  1. Keary Taylor says:

    Thank you for the great review Tessa! I’m so glad that you enjoyed EDEN! I often find myself missing it ;)