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I’m so excited to finally get to kick off the Guardian by Heather Burch blog tour! We thought it would be super fun to celebrate the holidays as well! Here is a guest post to kick off the tour where Heather tells us about a special Christmas moment!

Christmas … A very special time for this author.
The Halflings series sold at Christmas time and I thought it would be fun to share the story. I had gone home to Missouri right before Christmas. The day before I was coming home, I noticed I’d just missed a call from my literary agent. I assumed it was about the Christmas present I sent to her. She had left a message, but rather than listen to it, I just dialed her right back. I’m expecting to hear, “Oh, thanks so much! I love the gift.” Instead, she’s talking about 900 miles an hour about a three book deal. (Of course, she thought I’d listened to the message, so she jumped right into the details.)
“What?” I actually waved my hand in the air to stop her. (Btw, hand waving doesn’t work on phone conversations.)
“The offer, Heather. I’m talking about the offer!”
“What offer? I thought you called to tell me thanks for the Christmas present!”
“It’s lovely and I adore it. No, I called to tell you we have a three book deal on the table. Hard cover to trade paperback with a fabulous publisher and an editor that is super excited about the project.”
Oh my. I remember shaking. Uncontrollably. My brother passed through the kitchen and I must have been white as a sheet because he stopped and gave me the weirdest look. When I mumbled something about “Really, a three book deal?” He got a huge smile on his face and gave me a tentative thumbs up.
I nodded. The smile grew. When his girlfriend passed by, she said, “Is she ok?” and pointed to me.
He said, “I think she just sold her book.”
I nodded to them as I tried to listen to my agent with one ear and my brother with the other. It was surreal. Her talking about an offer on my book and him telling someone I’d just sold. I’ll never forget the feeling.
I’ve always loved Christmas time. Family and gatherings. It’s my favorite time of year. But selling the Halflings series was one gift no one could have given me but God. How cool is that?

Here is the schedule for the tour so be sure to check out all the stops!

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I am also giving away a paperback copy of Guardian (it’s actually an ARC copy!). Ending on Christmas Eve! It is USA only.

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