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Hello faithful readers! I’m pleased to be here. lets just jump right in! I’m 26 and I do love to read, how ever our library is quite small! Imagine if you will this 26 year old creeping around the teens corner in the tiniest library I’ve ever stepped foot in! I’ve had classrooms larger than this thing. I channeled my inner teen and dug in to the entire two shelves provided, literally bending and turning just my head or swirling around in excitement and confusion. When I emerged I had a stack of books larger than I could carry, obviously this would not do, therefore I minimized. Undoubtedly the type of book I gravitated towards is a little dark. Here are the titles I picked up: The Cupid War by Timothy Carter, Dark Water by Laura McNeal, Wings by Aprilynne Pike, Girls Don’t Fly by Kristen Chandler, as well as Inexcusable by Chris Lynch.
The way I choose a book is simple, the cover is the initial thing. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, well shame on me because I totally do haha! The cover is not just it though, I also read one to two pages of the beginning if I’m not thinking of anything else like laundry or dog walks, or what color nail polish I would next like to buy, then it goes in my bag! On the other hand if the author fails to capture my attention in those first pages, I toss it back. I adapted the theory from High School English, if the first sentence of your paper is dull, you won’t captivate your audience. In this case clearly I book a few pages to grab my attention.
With all of that being said the first book I shoved my nose into was Inexcusable by Chris Lynch. I did not happen to look at the cover very closely, it was chosen because of its first page. As a Y.A. Book I’m surprised so far by the implications and some of the language being used. 10 pages in I was hooked though. Around 60 pages in there is a story still not being spilled but hinted around and so on. At first I was annoyed by the fact this literature was written for young eyes, thinking wow this is going to get explicit, but thus far it seems the story stretches into a sort of safety zone.
I don’t want to give much away just yet being the first actual book review for you guys, so how are you enjoying the vagueness? Is it good? Tune in Monday for the full review!



  1. Tessa says:

    excited  for you to be apart of the website!!!