Thanks to you Harry!

This next post is actually going to be my piece for a contest that I am entering. I LOVED the prompt that was given. It was really simple, write about one book that I am most thankful for.
I read so many books that immediately my brain started racing trying to think of one that I am most thankful for. I was having a hard time for days trying to think of this book, and then the answer came to me and it was really simple. Harry Potter.
Now I know that a lot of people are going to say that, and its great! But like them I have my own reasons.

I was six years old when the first book came out, but it wasn’t until I was nine that I first heard of them. Its something that I will always remember. My mom worked for Hallmark inside of Walmart and I was with her one day and she took me over to the cards and pulled out this book from the storage section. She showed me the book and told me this:

MOM: This book is going to be HUGE one day Hannah.
LITTLE ME: I don’t think so.

Yeah…I was totally wrong. I will always remember my mother’s excitement that day, for me, because I was the reader and not her. I read the books and fell in love with them.

Everyone who knows me in real life knows that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and here is why:

1) I started writing my first book when I was in the fifth grade, yeah it was horrible, but at the time it meant the world to me. It was Harry Potter that opened that world up for me.
2) Like Harry I was never part of the “in” crowd in school, but Harry taught me that it was okay. That all I needed was a few goods friends around me who loved me and cared for me. Fake people, or materialistic people were not worth my time. If you remember in the first book when Draco wanted to be friends with Harry just because of who he was but Harry chose Ron instead.
3) Harry Potter taught me to always ALWAYS treasure things that I have and love. To never forget that life is fragile and people that are here with me right here right now may not be tomorrow.
4) Harry Potter taught me to always do the right thing in life even if it meant taking the hard path. The more difficult path might be dangerous or it might mean that people will hate me for a time, but it’s the right thing to do.
5) Harry Potter taught me to never give up, to always keep going, even when life knocks you down.
6) Harry Potter taught me to always stand up for what I believe in. This ties into doing the right things. If I believe in it I shouldn’t hide from it. For the longest time I would hide the fact that I liked to read and write from other people because I thought they would make fun of me.
7) As I grew up with Harry, we learned the same lessons. Even though his life dealt with magic and mine didn’t we both went through the same issues that children and teenagers go through and I can speak for millions of people my age when I say it was nice having someone else to relate to.
8. It was because of Harry Potter that I first joined an online writing community. For the first time I was able to communicate with other writers, it was the first time that my writing was read by strangers.
9) Harry Potter taught me that love is a magical thing and that it does exist.

Most of all Harry Potter has allowed me to be the crazy passionate person that I am today. It allowed me to always be myself and never be ashamed of the person I am today. It has allowed me to roll with the punches in life and never give up. It opened a world of fantasy to me that I continue to delve into today with other books that I read.

I am most thankful for the book Harry Potter because of everything that you have already read, and as I continue grow up and continue to move on in life and face new experiences I will always be able to look back at it and know that when all the fighting is done and all the struggles that come with this crazy thing we all call life, its all going to be okay.

This is a link back to the contest site if anyone else wants to take a look at it.