New Team Members

As you may have noticed over the past few weeks there has been a serious lack of posts. I have tried as hard as I can to get things out to you all in a timely fashion but I have found myself sinking in school, work, blogging, and writing. There were two solutions:
1) Close the site down
2) Bring in some help

Because I was not very fond of the first option I knew that I had to bring in some help. I contacted two friends of mine who also love reading and specifically love reading Young Adult books. I will have more information on them soon but for now I can tell you a little bit about them.

Priscilla will be a permanent member of the site. She will be on here often but only post reviews. She lives in Washington state with her husband who in the military. We met at my job a few years ago when she was my manager. She has lots of tattoos and is super fun and nice.

Eline will be a recurring guest blogger. She won’t post as often as Priscilla will but enough so that you will learn to know her. I met Eline years ago on a writing website where she was one of my earliest critique partners. She is Norwegian but is fluent in English and even came to the United States as part of a study abroad program in high school.

I will continue to post reviews when I can, write discussion posts, participate in Throwback Thursday, take part in blog tours, and host blog tours. The Meet the Stars section of the site is still under construction but will be ready to go in the next few months! I will not disappear from the site but I do recognize that in order to get you the best experience you can have I need a little help.


  1. Chuck says:

    You have two very good writers added…I look forward to their comments…

  2. Sara H. says:

    This sounds like a great idea! I can’t wait to see posts from the new members!