Book Films!

There have been a few bookish related movie bits of information that have come out recently.

The first has to do with the Between Shades of Gray film! It has an official title now, Ashes in the Snow, and I love it! I asked Ruta if she chose it, but she said the production team did though is is still very happy with it. The title reminds me of both of the covers (paperback and hardcover).
There was also news of an actress cast as Lina! Her name is Bel Powely and while I have never watched her in a film before I’m sure she is perfect for the role. The article in Hollywood Reporter also mentioned that filming will begin this winter which is so exciting! I feel like I’ve waited so long for this book to be adapted into a film! As I’m sure any other person who has read the book feels, this is definitely one of those things that needs to be on the big screen and sent to a wider audience. Hopefully this will raise awareness of the book itself, Ruta’s works, and to the plight of the Baltic people during WWII and after.

Another film that I am excited about is Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. I read the first book and loved it. Watched the first film and loved it. I have not read the second book however, but I am sure I will love this film just as much. I am still stuck on whether or not to read the second book before the film is released. On the one hand I want to know how the story truly goes, on the other hand it would be fun to experience the story on film for the first time. Regardless of which order I read it in though, I know I will read this book and finish out the series.

Here is the trailer for you to enjoy!

As for updates on me, I’ve had my graduation ceremony and now I am finishing out two classes over the summer and I will officially be finished with college in August! I’ve started to read Rook by Sharon Cameron and I am in love with it! So far the world Cameron has spun has been amazing and I feel like this is the best work we’ve seen from her yet! She just keeps getting better and better.