The Orphan Queen Cover!!!!

Jodi Meadow’s Orphan Queen comes out next March and I am so excited! I’ve seen her talking about how beautiful the cover is on Twitter and today she finally was able to show it to us.

AHHHH!!!!! Isn’t is amazing!!!!! This was basically me:

Isn’t it beautiful! So different from any in the Incarnate trilogy. The description is amazing as well and I feel like this is going to be one kick ass adventure ride. Go to Jodi’s Website and take a look at a more in depth discussion of the over. So many things are in it! If you click on the cover on her website it can take you to another page where you can zoom in on the cover and it will show you everything is talking about! So cool.


Jodi has proven herself an amazing author with the Incarnate trilogy and from everything I’ve heard this one is going to be ten times better and more amazing. Can’t wait to read it!