Where have I been?

I feel like that is question that I ask myself a lot. Where have I been recently? Not on here obviously. I love this website so much and I love getting to connect with other readers and fans. This is not a “I’m stopping the site” message. This is yet another “I am so sorry for my absence”

Last year when I started this blog I somehow had so much time on my hands. I was reading all the time and updating almost every day, taking part in a million tours, and doing interviews. Now…I hardly have time to say hi to my family.

I do have some books that I am reading. For example, I just finished the wonderfully amazing The Archived by Victoria Schwab. Last year I read a book called Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown. It wasn’t a bad year, but it wasn’t outstanding and so I mentioned that I would been to read the next one in order to get a full opinion on it. So, I am currently reading the next one. And guess what. I am liking this one a lot better than the first right now.

I am also reading If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch which looks interesting. The description kind of reminds me of those kids who were found living in an abandoned school bus. Who doesn’t want to read a book about kids living in the middle of no where? Eager to see if they turn out like Mowgli, although since their mother did see them frequently (until she disappears) I guess they will be normal.

I also have a book I am so excited to read! I should have started it after I already finished the other two, but I was so excited I skipped right to it. The Eternity Curse by Julie Kagawa. The Immortal Rules was one of those books that changed the way I look at YA and changed my writing tremendously. Julie Kawaga is an incredible writer and this book has been at the top of my want list for a long time.

So I apologize for my absence, but you can all look forward to some more reviews and some blog tours in the future. I’ve also been working on my birthday bash week at the end of April and I think you guys will be really excited over that. I have several authors confirmed and working on getting a few more.

Thanks for being awesome everyone.

Also, how did you guys like the gifs? First time ever using them. It was kind of fun right?

Between Shades of Gray video!

One of my favorite classes this semester is my Visual Rhetoric class! One of our assignments was to make a music video mash up. I took this with my own spin and did something I’m familiar with. Books!

A little history about why I did this video. On my way to see Ruta for the first time (second, but we didn’t talk the firs time) in December 2011, my friend and I were jamming to tunes on our 2.5 hour drive to Nashville and she, being a big Twilight fan, had the Breaking Dawn soundtrack on her iPod and we were listening to it. This song came on when we were almost there and instead of seeing Bella and Edward when I heard it, I saw Lina. I have been wanting to make this video for a really long time, but I never knew how to. Until a few weeks ago! My awesome teacher gave us a tutorial during class one day and it gave me all I needed to make this. Since this is my first ever video please excuse bad quality and I know the sound is messed a little.

Another note! I tried to stick as close to Between Shades of Gray as I could. You know why that was super hard? Ruta wrote the book because the voices of Lithuanians and those deported from the Baltic’s had remained largely unheard since WWII. So finding clips to match what I needed was a really hard challenge. Anne Frank represents Lina specifically, the girl in the red coat represents the little girl that Lina is in the camp with, and the boy and his family represent other families.

Here is the video!

Let me know what you think!

And YES! That is the lovely Ruta giving a voice over at the end!!