The Dark Unwinding Release Day!

The day is here! The Dark Unwinding has officially been released into the world today (Happy Birthday!) and I harassed it’s author (mother) to film a video for all of us! I think it’s super cute and I am so glad (and grateful) that Sharon took the time to entertain all of us!

Check out the video below to see what Sharon thinks she will be doing today!

Don’t forget to check out the blog tour that is happening right now! There are giveaway’s at most of the stops, including mine, where you can enter to win really cool bookmarks!

The Dark Unwinding begins when seventeen year old Katharine Tulman is sent to her uncle’s remote and bizarre estate to have him committed to an asylum. But instead of a lunatic, she finds a child-like, genius inventor with his own set of rules, employing a village of nine hundred people rescued from the workhouses of London. Katharine is torn between protecting her own inheritance and preserving her uncle’s peculiar world that she has come to care for deeply, a choice made even more complicated by a gray-eyed apprentice, and the strange visions and nightmares that have her secretly fearing for her own sanity.

About the author:
Sharon Cameron was awarded the 2009 Sue Alexander Most Promising New Work Award by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators for her debut novel, The Dark Unwinding. When not writing Sharon can be found thumbing dusty tomes, shooting her longbow, or indulging in her lifelong search for secret passages.

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Goodreads: The Dark Unwinding
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Barnes and Noble (In stores today!)

Parnassis Books (Signed copies!)

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Indie Bound

As always checking out your local indie bookstore can never hurt =D

Thanks so much for helping Sharon welcome The Dark Unwinding into the world!

Review-Reminiscence by C. Marie Mosley

Title: Reminiscence
Author: C. Marie
Publisher: Smashwords
Publication Date: May 30, 2012
Source: e-copy from Author

From Goodreads

Can someone’s entire life – the only one they have ever known – be a complete lie? The truth is out … and Coralie Collier is about the find just what lies within that truth – the truth about herself, the truth about her heritage, and the truth about her purpose …
In Reminiscence, lies a story of a natural born heroine, Coralie Collier — she just doesn’t know it yet. Coralie lives a simple, almost boring life, that is, until things in her life start to get interesting. Outlandish dreams, bizarre and dangerous encounters, and missing pieces to her memory, are all incredibly important fragmented clues that could help Coralie in finding out her true identity. Along with these clues, and the help of an old family friend, maybe there is a chance for Coralie to find out what is going on around her before it’s too late … and her true purpose has been compromised. All of the characters’ lives within the story swirl around her – and they all know the truth – the truth about the lives they were all born to live… Could there be more to her life than she ever knew? Could there really be more to her surroundings than meets the eye?
Get drawn into Coralie’s world and explorations as she attempts to discover what secrets are hidden in her past and what journeys are in store for her future.

When I was first approached by C. Marie Mosley to review Reminiscence I was pretty excited. The story sounded pretty great and the prologue set me up for a great story. There was a mysterious man who could feel the emotions of a girl he was supposed to be protecting. I was ready for an epic story about a stranger swooping in and protecting a girl who then realizes she possesses her own incredible strength. The general storyline was there but unfortunately this book was just a miss for me.
There were a few things in the story that I just couldn’t get past. I’ll start with the least important first. The main boy-toy of the story has been bestowed with the name Courtland, Court for short. Names are really important to me in stories and they can tell a lot about the character. Every time I saw that name I cringed. I could not get over it.
The next issue that I had was the extreme overuse of ellipsis. It was completely overdone and very distracting from the text and story as a whole.
Pacing was probably the biggest issue for me. It. Dragged. On. And. On. Like I said before the basic storyline is really interesting but I wanted to see more of it. In the opening of the story there is a really cool scene that I enjoyed..and then it stopped. There was a lot of talk and … happening but no actual actions.
I was not a fan of Coralie, my one wish for her was that she was a stronger character. I don’t like reading novel’s where the female lead is weak and overall “Bella-like”. I really wish that Coralie would have stood up for herself and took control of her life! I felt like she spent way too much time wallowing about things she doesn’t understand instead of standing up and deciding her own fate. I understand that it wasn’t not all her fault to blame for her lack of knowledge, I blame her parents for most of that, but I wish she would have done something.
For all of the words that I read in this book I left with a sense of loss. I can see so much potential in this book but it just didn’t strike me. I looked online to provide you with a higher star review to show you that this is just my opinion and others have theirs too! Check out this 4.5 star review at Book Passion For Life: The Reviewing Corner

I would really like to point out that C. Marie Mosley is not a bad writer. This book was just not for me as it is now. Like I have said before I really love the overall storyline and I am open to checking out the sequel if it doesn’t have the same problems as I had with the first.

I feel like I cannot stress enough how much a person’s feelings towards a book are completely their own. While I found a lot of things in Reminiscence that I did not enjoy, like the review above you all have the opportunity to read and form your own opinion on this novel.

The Dark Unwinding Blog Tour

I am so excited to get to kick off Sharon Cameron’s The Dark Unwinding Blog Tour! I was lucky enough to get to meet Sharon last December where I heard about her book from Ruta Sepetys. Today I am lucky to get her here on the blog to introduce herself and her book to everyone!

Photo by Rusty Russel (2011)

Hello to all!

I’m Sharon Cameron, and many, many thanks to Hannah for organizing the blog tour for my debut novel The Dark Unwinding. I think of myself as an “accidental” writer, meaning that while I’ve always been a reader, I’m not one of those authors that has known since childhood that they wanted to write. In fact, it never occurred to me! I started writing the first page of a novel on a sheer whim almost eight years ago now, and it took exactly forty-five minutes in front of the computer to decide that I was changing my life. I wish I’d come to it sooner!

The Dark Unwinding begins when seventeen year old Katharine Tulman is sent to her uncle’s remote and bizarre estate to have him committed to an asylum. But instead of a lunatic, she finds a child-like, genius inventor with his own set of rules, employing a village of nine hundred people rescued from the workhouses of London. Katharine is torn between protecting her own inheritance and preserving her uncle’s peculiar world that she has come to care for deeply, a choice made even more complicated by a gray-eyed apprentice, and the strange visions and nightmares that have her secretly fearing for her own sanity.

But at its essence, The Dark Unwinding is really just a great big conglomeration of everything I find fascinating. Eccentric minds, hidden tunnels, ancient, enormous. dilapidated houses, and the Victorian age, a time when technology was in its infancy, and nothing seemed beyond man’s limit. The story pulls heavily from the gothic, atmospheric tales of those years, especially the Brontes. I think of it as Jane Eyre with gears. In other words, I had a ton of fun writing it! Follow the blog tour for lots more information, and I hope you enjoy reading The Dark Unwinding!

Find Sharon at:
Her Web Site, Facebook, and on Goodreads

Sharon has also provided a giveaway for all the blogs!

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Throughout the tour we have a number of participating websites, each with giveaways, and each with their own activities. We have a variety of interview with Sharon, interviews with the characters of The Dark Unwinding, and various guest posts.

Follow the tour and visit participating websites!

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I hope you all enjoy this tour as much as I did planning it! Review for The Dark Unwinding Coming soon!

The Outsiders and Out of the Easy

Recently I finished reading Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys and I really loved it! The novel will be released in February 2013 so I can’t post a review up on here just yet but I don’t think they will mind me mentioning a few non-spoiler things. While reading the book I couldn’t help but also think of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. While both of the books have very different stories, once you get down to the root of it all they both teach the same lessons.

The most obvious similarity between the two main characters, Ponyboy (The Outsiders) and Josie (Out of the Easy is their social standing, their place on the social ladder of life, if you will. Ponyboy is an orphaned greaser trying to make it in a world that is ready to spit in his eye and throw him in jail at any moment. Josie is the daughter of a prostitute in the French Quarter of New Orleans fighting to not fall down the same path as her mother.

Throughout Out of the Easy it is made very clear that Josie has the ability (but not the money) to make a life for herself outside of New Orleans and away from the world that she was brought up in. It is amazing how the people in her life rally around support her dream of going to Smith College. Even the people in her life that think she can’t make it out of New Orleans still support her dream of going to college. Like Pony her parents are essentially gone. Her father is unknown and her mother spends most of her time forgetting she has a daughter or trying to use her for her own gain.

Similarly in The Outsiders everyone in “The Gang” knows that Ponyboy is the only one of them with a real chance in life. Darry gave up his chance at going to college so that he could keep his two younger brothers out of a boy’s home. Ponyboy, for the most part, likes school and is good at it. Darry pushes him to get good grades (a point which often makes the two brothers butt-heads) because he knows that Pony can have a better life than they did growing up. Ponyboy has a chance to make it out of “the neighborhood”. One of my favorite moment’s at the end of the novel is when Pony starts school back up again and goes to lunch with Two-Bit and Steve. While Steve and Two-Bit are inside flirting with the ladies some of the Soc’s start messing with Pony. Pony pulls the bottle on him and the Soc’s leave. Two-Bit and Steve come out and mention how Pony is not like them and he shouldn’t turn into the rest of the Greasers.

Both stories have the characters dealing with major deaths. *Note* No, this is not giving away any spoilers! It’s already in the book descriptions *End Note* Between Shades of Gray, Ruta’s first novel, was practically a bloodbath so I shouldn’t have been surprised that Out of the Easy had a few deaths too. I won’t tell you (because I promised this would NOT be a spoiler post) whether or not these were named characters or the significance they play in the story. Nope. Sorry, promised I woudn’t tell, but you can buy the book when it comes out in February. The Outsiders as we all know (and seriously if you haven’t read The Outsiders then you need to hop on that immediately!) Both characters face hard deaths, deaths that make them face the world as it is and try and find a way to continue living. Both characters take tremendous strides in life because of those deaths.

Each story starts with a death. Ponyboy gets into a scuffle with the Socs and one is killed. Josie’s world changes with a mysterious death in the Quarter. (I feel like I’ve been saying this too much but…*that was not a spoiler!*) The entirety of both of these stories is how each of the characters, and the communities around them, react to those deaths. All of their previous choices in life are challenged, both by themselves and, of course, by outside sources.

To conclude this long post, both of these stories have such great endings. They are great because they are real. That is also such an amazing quality that both authors possess, writing real fiction not making it glamorous, but instead telling the truth.