Birthday Week 2017!

Birthday Week is back!


It has been a few years since I’ve done one of these and I am so excited to bring it back. For those who are not aware Birthday Week isn’t my blog birthday week, it’s my real birthday and this year I am turning 26 this year. Because birthday’s are awesome I take an entire week to share features from some awesome authors and giveaway some books!



April 17, 2017: The Pandora Device guest post of Joyce McPherson

April 18, 2017: The Sixth Domicile guest post by Courtney Ruggles

April 19, 2017: Safe and Sound guest post by Alli Hope

April 20, 2017: My Birthday!!!!! Andromeda guest post by Meg Trotter

April 21, 2017: The Temptation of Adam by Dave Connis



I went back and forth trying to decide to give these away as individual prizes or one big prize pack and since everyone wants more than one thing on their birthday so the winner will receive copies of all these books! Because The Temptation of Adam hasn’t released yet, the winner will receive a pre-order.


I hope you all join me for these fun guest posts and prizes!



Birthday Bash Kristin Tubb

Hey guys! I know I said I was going to get two posts up to you yesterday, but as birthdays get sometimes I was so busy! Here is the final birthday bash posts! Please welcome Kristin Tubb to the site today!

Birthdays. They play a huge role – both directly and implicitly – in THE 13TH SIGN. In the opening scene, it is main character Jalen Jones’s 13th birthday. She visits a New Orleans voodoo store, and (long story short) purchases a book about horoscopes that causes her to inadvertently awaken Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the zodiac. Doing this changes the dates of the traditional 12-sign zodiac calendar, causing everyone on earth to have a personality shift.

The zodiac calendar is all about the birthday. These calendars date back over 2000 BC, back to the Babylonians, who were the first to come up with the idea that maybe – just maybe – when you are born is a major factor in who you become. Many people nowadays think this idea is just bunk, dismissing the theory that the time and date of one’s birth has little to do with one’s personality. But back then? Think about it – a child born in December (in the northern hemisphere) had to be a scrappy little nugget to battle the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables and exposure to the elements in the coming months. A baby born in the spring, however, could luxuriate in the available food and the warm temperatures. It’s easy to imagine, then, that a birthdate could have something to do with the person you ultimately became.

Whether or not this idea still applies, with our ample fast food and cozy HVAC systems, is hard to say. If you’re interested in your horoscope sign, take THE 13TH SIGN quiz here to find your 12-sign horoscope, your 13-sign horoscope, and which horoscope sign you act like!

Happy birthday, Hannah!

Thanks so much Kristin! I hope everyone enjoyed this weeks posts! Remember there are several giveaways going on at the moment so be sure to check them all out! Also a note on ALL of the giveaways: Be sure to check out the terms and conditions section! All giveaways are US only.

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Birthday Bash Day 7- Sharon Cameron

It’s the last day of the Birthday Bash! It’s been so much fun getting to see everyone’s posts! I’ve got TWO posts for you today! Here is a post from Sharon Cameron!

Thanks, Hannah, for letting me participate in your blog birthday bash! I asked Uncle Tully if he would like to share any birthday memories, but he doesn’t count his years (it takes much too long to get to the next one) and then Katharine’s last birthday was such a bummer (i.e. break-ups, poisonings, the death of innocent pets) that I decided to share one of my own personal favorite birthdays instead.

On my seventeenth birthday I was doing relief work in a small village in the Dominican Republic, for the first time discovering that so far I had lived a pampered life. No electricity, no running water, straw huts, and even some malnourished babies with distended bellies. The hut we slept in had bones hanging from the ceiling, you know, like, voodoo bones, and the morning of my birthday I watched a tarantula crawl out of my empty shoe. Not an auspicious start.

The construction work we were doing was hard, hot, and dirty. I was sitting out the hottest part of the day with two friends, dead tired, when a group of children surrounded us, all of them talking at once in Spanish. Seriously regretting my choice to study Latin in high school, I allowed myself be taken by the hand and we were all three pulled down the dirt lane of the village, no idea where we could be going. The children, a group of eight and nine year olds –some of them clothed, some of them mostly not– were giggling like mad. Then they started running. We were all running.

Past huts and trash heaps, out of the village, and through a dense field of sugar cane, and then we were on a jungle path, ducking branches and jumping over logs, sweating hard and running way too fast for the mosquitoes. The children called and laughed, the trees thinned, and the next thing I saw was a pool. The water was a shocking shade of turquoise, almost translucent, like a jewel, shaded by the deep green of palm trees and huge tropical plants. Beautiful. The little girl beside me looked up and grinned, squeezing my hand tight. We never stopped running; we never even broke our stride. We jumped in. All of us. At the same time. Screaming our heads off.

I spent an hour or so in that amazing blue water, playing games with children whose laughter was the only thing I could understand, getting dunked and splashed and chewing on stalks of raw sugar cane. The heat was gone, and for that little bit, it didn’t matter who was rich and who was poor. We were all just people, having fun, and everything was perfect.

Best. Birthday. Ever.


There is a giveaway for this one too! Like the others I have a special note. I will be seeing Sharon in a few weeks and getting this signed so if you win you will not be getting is straight away!

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Birthday Bash Amanda Havard!

Welcome back for another day of the Birthday Bash! Today is my last day as a 21 year old and how am I going to celebrate it? By bringing you an awesome post from Amanda Havard!

Countless Birthdays

When Hannah asked me to write about my characters’ birthday for her epic blog birthday celebration, it actually gave me pause. I’ve thought about my characters’ actual birthdays only very little, which, if you’ve heard or read anything I’ve ever said, you’d know is more than a little odd. It’s also odd because I love birthdays. In fact, I tend to make a week long celebration of my own. People tell me this will stop with age, but I refuse to believe this is true. This year, I’ll be 27, and though I have a book deadline that week, I’m sure the celebration will be EPIC.

But in the books, we haven’t seen a lot of birthday action. In the second book in The Survivors Series, Point of Origin, Mark has a birthday wherein the celebration is little more than his mother making his favorite dinner (Chicken Tikka Masala. He’s 101.). I imagine in the course of Winter family history, there were countless extravagant parties as often as there were smaller moments that were barely blips on the radar. In just the immediate family, if I counted correctly, they’ve celebrated somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,300 birthdays. Survivor birthdays likely went uncelebrated. Birthday celebrations aren’t entirely Puritanical, you might imagine.

But when I really think about my characters and their birthdays, I think about my darling, disheveled, darkened protagonist, Sadie, to whom I imagine birthdays are a thing of misery. She wants nothing more than to be human, and each birthday (144, 145, 146 . . .) can serve as nothing more than a reminder of her distance from humanity. This, of course, will always make me think of my favorite quote on immortality as it applies in Survivors, from Chuck Palahniuk’s zombie epic, Lullaby:

“Imagine immortality, where even a marriage of fifty years would feel like a one-night stand. Imagine seeing trends and fashions blur past you. Imagine the world more crowded and desperate every century. Imagine changing religions, homes, diets, careers, until none of them have any real value. Imagine traveling the world until you’re bored with every square inch. Imagine your emotions, your loves and hates and rivalries and victories, played out again and again until life is nothing more than a melodramatic soap opera. Until you regard the birth and death of other people with no more emotion than the wilted cut flowers you throw away.”

I’ve held onto that quote for a while. I revisit often, and I’ve used it to shape many a character’s mindset in certain moments. It truly reflects that dull-and-dark way I like to portray immortality in the Survivors world. In fact, I’ve wondered when to share it with all of you because the depth of my obsession with it and just how meaningful it is could be a little essay all its own. But imagine what immortality does to birthdays. It blurs them. Dulls them. They become a frustration.

This is probably not the fun birthday post Hannah was looking for when she asked for this from me.

So! Here I insert a gear-change and imagine the top five most memorable birthdays of Survivors’ characters, labeled by date, location, and a title like a Friends episode:

#5 — 1866, Alberta, Canada — The One With All The Bloodshed — A pregnant (with Ginny) Adelaide Winter celebrates with a quiet birthday dinner, after which her oldest son, Patrick, snaps and kills a friend of the family’s that night. This is the beginning of a very interesting turn for the Winter clan.

#4 — 1948, Bombay (now Mumbai), India — The One Where Adelaide Rolls Her Eyes — Mark and his mother go on a sojourn to India, wherein Mark, unlike his siblings, enjoys the local fare: the richest foods, the most amazing black-haired beauties. His eyes stay green from copious amounts of Saag Paneer and rich mint chutneys. He stops every place they have a decent vegetable samosa. Here he falls in love with curry dishes, like Tikka Masala, and vows to eat it every year on his birthday. He does.

#3 — 1689, Salem Village, Massachusetts — The One With the Immortality — Lizzie can’t fall asleep the night before her 19th birthday. She feels exhausted but restless, and when dawn breaks, it’s her birthday, and she hasn’t slept a wink. The same day, she feels something change in herself as she begins to harden — literally. A quiet Alexander Raven, neighbor to the Godric family, will eventually pull Lizzie aside and let her know what’s up.

#2 — 1964, Huntington Beach, California — The One With All The Girls — Ginny Winter celebrates her 21st birthday (really her 97th birthday, or her 76th 21st birthday, however you’d like to think of that) in a giant beach bash in Huntington Beach, CA. This is the year she figures out how to use her mother’s witch magic to turn her tan instead of immortal pale and becomes the blonde bombshell we know and love. Hundreds of people crowd the beach for the giant party, including one fair-skinned and freckled redhead, Madeline, who we’ll eventually know as the poor human girl who eventually marries Patrick Winter. She meets a greaser-version of Mark Winter that night. (That’s right, Mark. More on that in Body & Blood). Mayhem ensues.

#1 — ?? — The One That Hasn’t Happened Yet (And Maybe Never Will) — A happy Sadie, content with her love, surrounded by friends and family, celebrates her one-hundredth-and-something birthday. Maybe on a beach in California. Maybe in a house in Paris, a restaurant in New York, a bourbon bar in Tennessee, a hotel in Turkey. But she is immortal, content, and enjoying every second of it. And don’t we all know? That’d be one for the books.

Just for fun there are a lot of hidden gems and hanging threads about the upcoming third series installment, The Survivors: Body & Blood listed in those birthdays. Because that’s just how I roll.

(You’re welcome.)

Thanks for having me, Hannah. And have the happiest blog birthday!

And guess what!?! Body and Blood is actually coming out July 23, 2013 instead of in August! I’ll pause a moment to give everyone time to do a happy dance.


Thanks so much Amanda! I LOVED that post! What about you guys?

Here is a giveaway! Just a sidenote on the giveaway, I *might* be seeing Amanda in a few weeks at a potential event. If I do end up seeing her then I will get this book SIGNED for the winner. If I don’t then it’s still pretty awesome you won a book :) If you do win, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come right away because if there is a chance I can get it signed for you I am taking it!

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Here is a little bit of information about Amanda.

Amanda Havard has been telling stories since before she could write. She grew up in Dallas, Texas, where her first book was published in her elementary school library at age 7. She received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from Vanderbilt University. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her baby grand piano and more story ideas than she could tell in one lifetime.

About the next Survivors installment: Body and Blood.

The game has changed.

Fresh from her first brush with mortality, a fragile Sadie Matthau is playing human with Cole Hardwick while the Survivors endure unimaginable tragedy. Wrought with the first deaths of their own kind, a tyrant who will torture them, and an opponent more terrifying than anyone could have foreseen, the Survivors are facing their end.

Told from three points of view, The Survivors: Body & Blood is a bloodcurdling, mind-bending, heart-stopping ride. As Sadie and the Winters uncover more enemies, more history, and more answers, they find themselves brought closer together and ripped further apart. And all the while, a haunting Alexander Raven lurks at the edge of Sadie’s lifeline, at the darkening fringes of her mind.

As the Survivors descend into chaos, Sadie realizes a painful truth: the deepest of secrets leave the darkest of marks.

Caught between a terrifying fantasy and her own grim reality, Body & Blood is the story of Sadie’s dance with her demons, future, past, and present.



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There are two more authors on the way! Check back tomorrow to see who is next!