Release Blog Tour

Interview with Chase

1. So, Chase, thanks for interupting your busy schedule to answer a few questions. Where are you just comming from?

Coming, going, it’s hard to tell these days. I just finished a training session with Marcus. I’m trying to get a handle on my elements…and my temper. 

2. If you could only have one element, which would it be and why?

Water. It helps to balance out all my other emotions. It heals wounds, but it can be as devastating as any flame. And my mom was a water elemental.

3. What was the best part of being in the Circle? The worst?

Now that I know the truth about everything, asking about the best part is like asking what the best part of having your ass kicked is. Don’t get me wrong, I have some great memories from my time in the Circle, but none of them are because I was in the Circle.

I guess the one good thing was I didn’t feel alone. I knew I had the entire hunter community standing behind me. Having that kind of backing is something I miss.

The worst part was the lack of freedom. I see the Circle like a prison now. They controlled everything, including the information we received. They fed us the facts they wanted us to have and we never got the full story.

4. If you were a car, what kind would you be?

Probably a 1967 Mustang Hatchback. 

5. Desert island. One friend and two Cd’s. What and who would they be.

Rayna. I’d bring Eminem’s Not Afraid, and Rise Against’s Siren Song of the Counter Culture

6. Being involved with the underworld, maybe you can tell us. Is Elvis really dead?

I’m not at liberty to say.

7. Pepsi or Coke?


8. How do shapeshifters afford all of those shredded clothes?

Charity? I really have no idea. I’m still new to the whole “just because they’re shifters doesn’t mean you can kill them” mentality. I think once they learn control, it’s easier, but lately we never know what’s coming.

9. If you could shapeshift, what animal would you be?

I’d love to be an eagle. They’re beautiful, majestic, and I think there would be something freeing about being able to soar through the sky above the rest of the world’s problems.

10. After leaving the circle did you go to school and get your diploma?

I couldn’t. Mom and I had never lived outside the compound, and rent in Stonewall isn’t cheap. We were only given enough money to live for a month, so we had to get jobs the moment we could. Maybe if I make it out of all this, I’ll have a chance to go back.

11. Name 5 cool things about Rayna.

Rayna never says no to a friend, she’s loyal, honest, has great taste in music, and she knows how to throw a punch.

12. Name 5 annoying things about Rayna.

She’s up early every morning and insists everyone else should be up too, she doesn’t let me get away with anything, she’s stubborn, constantly uses all the hot water, and she knows how to throw a punch…

13. 5 things that Rayna would say annoys her the most about you.

She’d reciprocate and say I’m stubborn, I wear the same clothes for too long, I don’t take training seriously, I react to things impulsively and unpredictably, and I always say things that make her hit me.


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There will also be multiple opportunities to win signed paperbacks, signed posters, notebooks, swag packs, and bookmarks throughout the tour on both Twitter @MRMerrick and the Facebook Fan Page.

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You can check out the review here

*Note: This interview was written by guest blogger Paul.

“Want” Blog Tour!

Today I am lucky to take part in Stephanie Lawton’s blog tour for her debut novel Want. I am so excited to have my favorite character, Dave, on the blog today to answer some questions!

1) What is it about music, and piano in particular, that draws you in?

Are you kidding? It’s like catnip. One chord and the chicks swoon. Two chords and they’re in your lap. Three … :)

Okay, seriously, my mom’s an elementary school music teacher and she started giving me lessons when I was little. At first it was just a way to get her undivided attention. I have three sisters that usually hogged her time, so our lessons were really special to me. Then, when we discovered I was actually pretty good and I enjoyed it, I could see it made her proud. I wanted her to always look at me like that, so I kept going and didn’t quit. By high school it was an obsession and the rest is history.

2) What instruments can you play (besides piano and french horn) or ones that you wish to learn?

I can pick up almost anything I try, but for college I needed to narrow it down to two to focus on. Piano was a given, and the other I chose because it’s a little off the beaten path. I mean, trumpet players are a dime a dozen. Same with violin. Don’t get me wrong, I look damn cute with a flute, but I’ve been told I’m full of hot air so horn suits me best.

3) Favorite classical song? Non-classical.

Hmm, Juli’s got me on quite the Rachmaninoff kick, but I love Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus” and Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” As for non-classical, I’m generally a ’90s grunge kind of guy, though I still listen to modern alternative. I love “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers and “Angels on the Moon” from Thriving Ivory.

4) What is your ideal girl like?

Juli. ‘Nuff said.

Spoiler(ish) questions.

5) What did you think about Isaac’s past?

Ehhh, I hate talking about him. *curses* It took Ike a full year to tell me his deal. We’d been roomates for an entire year, practically inseperable, before he told me why he never went home over breaks or holidays. Even for a dude, that’s a long time to hold out before trusting someone with your story. I thought the whole situation really blew, but I couldn’t understand why he caved to some crotchety lady whose pearls were too tight. Then he told me what she did. I pictured one of my friends’ moms and … *shudders*. I’m the last person to make excuses for him, but I understand why he’s so messed up.

6) How did you first react when Isaac told you his student could play Rachmaninoff better than you?

It wouldn’t be right repeat what I actually said to him, but I creatively told him to shut up and stop sniffing paint fumes. I couple days later when I finally got to talk to Juli on the phone, I knew I had to meet this crazy chick. Ike couldn’t stop bragging about her.

7) What did it feel like watching Juli fall in love with Isaac when you knew he wasn’t right for her.

It felt like having your nuts and your heart ripped out at the same time. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and I still don’t know if I made the right decision. I kept telling myself to stay out of whatever mess they had going on, but a guy can only take so much, yeah? I saw he was going to turn tail and run again and I swear to God I almost chased after him to smash his face into the pavement, but I figured it was more important to get Juli the hell out of that witch’s claws.

8. How did it feel knowing Juli had secrets? What was your reaction when you finally discovered what they were?

Wow, you’re going for the jugular. Thing is, I kind of knew. Unlike some guys–ahem–I pay attention to other people instead of just myself. Even the most high-strung chick doesn’t cry on the shoulder of some guy she hardly knows, so when she came apart in her kitchen at Christmas, I figured she had no one else to turn to, and that was the saddest damn thing I’d seen in a long time. Maybe even sadder than Ike’s Mancard status. I wanted to slap the crap out of her family for not being there, and I even went to Ike’s Uncle Robert to see if he had any insight. He told me about his suspicions, but that when he tried to get Juli help, she flipped. I didn’t know the extent of things or I would have stepped in earlier.

I didn’t feel right doing that until after the Mystics ball and the shitstorm that followed. Pardon my language. That was the last straw and that’s the closest I’ve ever come to killing someone. I may not be the biggest guy, but I don’t think her dad will ever forget me.

9) What does the future hold for you and Juli?

We take it one day at a time. She’s got a lot to sort through, and I’m honored that she wants me by her side while she figures it all out. I visit Mobile as much as I can and we talk every day. Just a few more months and she’ll be in Boston where none of that crap can touch her again. I bet she really takes off. Hope she doesn’t outgrow me, though.

10) How does your friendship with Isaac continue after what he did to Juli?

Right now, it doesn’t. He went too far this time. He’s not a kid anymore and doesn’t have an excuse for how he reacted. When he decides to grow up and grow a pair, maybe we’ll talk.

You can also all check out my review for Want here and be sure to check out the blog tour schedule here

Inkspell Publishing is also giving away an e-copy of Want!

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Thanks to Kelly Simmon for inviting me to be part of this tour, Stephanie Lawton, and Inkspell Publishing!

“Point of Origin” Blog Tour

I am so excited to take part in the Point of Origin Blog Tour today! I am so excited to get to take part in the tour which Kelly was amazing an arranged! Thanks for the invite Kelly! Thanks to this tour I have fallen in love with The Survivors world and I cannot wait to read more from Amanda Havard in the future.

Here is my interview with Amanda.

1) What about the Salem Witch Trials drew you in and inspired you to write The Survivors Series?

They’re just so messed up! We know a ton about what happened there, but we still don’t know why it all happened. The unknowns are the best place to start weaving fiction into reality, and that’s my favorite line to blur.

2) Did you always know the Survivors weren’t witches? Or did their differences develop over time?

I always knew that they didn’t know what they were, and that was my baseline. That way you could read a story about creatures you were unfamiliar with since they didn’t even know what they were themselves. I was hoping that this would make everyone step back and see the features or commonalities between supernaturals and the themes in their powers or struggles, rather than labeling something a “witch” book or a “vampire” book or what have you. I wanted to look at the overarching level of supernatural.

I also wanted to incorporate the idea of individual powers for every Survivor for a number of reasons but probably most because I have a real attachment to comic book heroes. Everyone deserves a little oneness. In my head, the Survivors world is like a mini-Marvel universe. Tons of characters and creatures coexisting in the same universe, sometimes running into each other and sometimes running separate storylines entirely, they all exist in the same world. That’s where I hope this is going — to an infinite number of stories inside the same world.

3) Sadie does a lot of research, did you have to research with her or did you already know a lot of the information?

It was about half and half. I knew enough to set up the background of the story, and I researched right along with her to fill out the rest.

4) What made you decide to bring in so many different paranormal creatures?

Like I said before, I really liked taking a step back and looking at the overarching supernatural themes, not just one subsection. Really, all I did was operate under the assumption that the world the Survivors are in is the same one you and I are in, with the same time, culture, and history, only all the legends, lore, and mythology are all actually true. To fit with this, it was only natural that there would be a plethora of supernatural creatures, just like there are countless legends.

5) The books all fit together like an epic puzzle, was it hard for you

to keep everything straight while writing?

It isn’t hard for me to keep it all straight, but it is sometimes difficult for me to remember what I’ve told you at one point. Sometimes people will ask me specific questions about an event, character, theme, or scene, and I have to stop and think “Wait, do you know ____ at this point?” before answering and giving away a spoiler or something.

6) You have said there will be five books, is there anything you can tell us about the other three books? Will we see a lot more mythology?

All the mythology you’ve already been introduced will definitely have a place in the future books, and I think more will certainly emerge in the later texts. The third book explores a bit of a specific Native American tribe and their legends to add to the mix, and greater connections are drawn between the ones that I’ve already introduced.

But whatever else happens, I can promise that the rest of the series is huge. It’s dark. It’s action-packed. And it will break your heart.

7) What was your favorite lore that you found? Any particular creature or region?

There are a lot of them, so it’s hard to choose! Of course, true to form, Russia and Romania had some of the most interesting ones I was particularly drawn to, but there are really interesting gradations of creatures with Islamic roots, like the ghoul. According to different ghoul legends, they have ghost-like elements, return-from-the-dead like classic versions of vampires, shape-shift, and eat people. So. There are plenty of fun ones that make you wonder about the possibilities!

8. Which character do you relate the most to? The least?

I relate to almost all of my characters in a particularly real way. Authors, playwrights, and the like have been known to claim that their characters are all just parts of themselves, and that’s probably very true of me. That said, I have a lot of Sadie in me, a lot of Mark, and a great deal of Ginny. But they all have a place. I mean, I’d love to say I share nothing in common with John or Raven, but of course I do. Raven wants power, he wants to accomplish what he wants without limits being placed on it. Those who know me know that’s incredibly true of me. Or John? His motives are terrible and he’s malicious and only gets more terrifying as the series goes on, but

he’s acting entirely out of fear. (Fear of what, I’ll leave up to you to determine.) But haven’t we all done that? Made mistakes, judgments, or acted too harshly out of fear or defensiveness alone?

All that said, the person I probably relate least to is Anthony. He seems to be the only one who is gratuitously more violent than he needs to be, he pushes his children to be colder, so to speak, and he’s suspicious of everyone around him. And so I’m suspicious of him — and not at all like him.

9) Do you have any underdog characters that you really want readers to root for?

I want you to root for all of them!! I’d love to know who people thought were the underdogs worth rooting for. I’m much more interested in what people have to say or what they think about the story than I am telling more about what I think about it!

Thanks so much for answering my questions Amanda! I have fallen in love with this story and its characters! Looking forward to reading so much more!

Thanks so much, Hannah! I’m so glad I could be here, and I’m so thrilled to have another dedicated reader!

You can also check out my review for Point of Origin right here

There is also a giveaway! Thanks so much for Chafie Press for providing a SIGNED copy of The Survivors and a SIGNED copy of Point of Origin! I’m so excited for you guys to get to read it too!

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The Near Witch Blog Tour

The moment has arrived! Its the official start date of The Near Witch Blog Tour! This tour is in honor of a wonderful book and its paperback release on May 15, 2012. Along the way there will be a mixture of guest posts and interviews. On May 15th many of us also have a super cool surprise for everyone so be sure to check it all out.

Today on the site I am honored to have Wren, Lexi’s little sister. She was gracious enough to answer a few questions.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today Wren!

1. What’s it like having Lexi as a big sister?

I like her. Most days. I like her when she lets me be. And when she tells me secrets.

2. If you could have another siblings would you want another sister or a brother?

I’d want Cole to be my big brother. He can hear the world. He can speak to it. I think he could speak to it for me.

3. What do you think of Cole?

He says I have must magic in me, because my garden always grows so well. And Lexi likes him. He can stay.

4. What’s your best guess for Cole’s real name?

He whispered it to me. I can’t tell you, though. He made me promise. He said that name is gone now. That boy is gone now.

5. Was is scary being taken by the Near Witch?

I don’t remember it, not really. I remember being cold, like when you’re very tired. I remember the smell of earth. It didn’t hurt, though.

6. What’s your favorite thing to learn?

Mum is teaching me to bake. Lexi is teaching me how to count using the things in the garden.

7. What is your favorite game to play?

I like the one where everyone else falls down.

8. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A witch. The sisters say you have to be born that way, but I don’t believe them.

9. Who do you admire? Or want to be like?

I want to be like Magda. But not like Dreska. Dreska is meaner.

10. What is one thing you want people to know about you?

I have a story, too.

Thanks so much Wren!

Here is the schedule for the tour.

Tuesday May 8- Hannah @ The Book Vortex
Wednesday May 9- Marla @ Starting the Next Chapter
Thursday May 10- Shalena @ Writer Quirk
Friday May 11- Kelly @ Bookshelf Banter
Saturday May 12- Sara @ Through the Looking Glass
Sunday May 13- Lindsay @ The Violet Hour
Monday May 14- Hannah @ The Book Vortex
Tuesday May 15- Everyone
Wednesday May 16- Marla @ Starting the Next Chapter
Thursday May 17- Kelly @ Bookshelf Banter

Be sure to check out all the stops!

I don’t have a specific giveaway for the tour however I do have a copy of The Near Witch being given away for the Birthday Bash. Check it out on the Few and Far Between Page.

Thanks so much Victoria for letting us put on this tour! (Who didn’t LOVE that interview?)