MadCap Retreats

I’ve got something really cool to talk to you all about today. It has to do with writing, something you guys know I also love.
Sometimes writing can feel like an isolating and daunting task. Every day you can sit down and put a ton of work into what you’re writing, but when you look back you think it’s terrible! Sometimes it even makes you doubt your love for writing. It can make you hate building a world or crafting a story about characters you love and hate.
Whenever this happens to me I always feel alone. Then I remember that once you are part of the writing community you are never alone.

This August, Courtney C Stevens, author of Faking Normal and The Lies about Truth will be hosting a retreat weekend, The Anatomy of Publishing, as part of MadCap Retreats.
From Courtney:

I spent 200+ hours studying and translating his work for young adult culture. I built a personal workbook for individual manuscripts. I built stopgaps for others, and then I led a retreat. It helped other writers. Now, I want to do that again in August.

So, this incredible long post is an invitation to join me for a weekend retreat. Please click this link and check it out:

I won’t promise you the earth will tilt on its axis if you attend, but I can promise you’ll leave more confident in your own abilities as an artist. (Not to mention, you’ll leave with a personal marketing plan. See the retreat description for more information.) If you need a pick-me-up, this might be it for you. Take a risk with me. Find your stopgap.

This is such a great opportunity for anyone who loves writing to attend a really great retreat! Courtney is also offering some really cool prizes, all available here

Birthday Bash- Autism Awareness

One of the authors in the Birthday Bash, Rebecca Hamilton who wrote The Forever Girl, has a cause of her own that I think is a wonderful think to help out with. I know coworkers who have children with autism and its important for us to help with others. Here is some information from Rebecca Hamilton’s website

***April is Autism Awareness Month. From 4/20 through 4/22, the author will be donating ALL proceeds for THE FOREVER GIRL to Autism Advocacy.***

Royalties will be at 35% when the $0.99 promotional price kicks in.

Current sales are at 423 on Kindle for the month. I will show current sales at the end of the day on 4/22 and will make a donation based on those sales. I feel strongly that those who contribute to a cause should be able to verify that is where their money is going and will do my best to provide complete data.

For information on my previous autism fundraiser, please feel free to visit this blog post:

If you prefer to make a direct donation, I recommend donating to

Thank you to anyone who decides to contribute.

If you want to read a little bit about my experience in having a child with autism, please visit the post for my last Autism Awareness Drive:

If I have time this weekend, I will consider posting more of our story and journey with autism.

Since I didn’t this up until the last day of her event I am sure she would love it if you also donated here:

Autistic Advocacy